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How can you reconfigure the alarm acknowledgment behavior of the SIMATIC Safety Matrix V6.1?

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By default, the alarm behavior of the Safety Matrix is configured so that all the alarms triggered must be acknowledged separately on the OS. You can change the configuration as given below to change this behavior.

  1. Disable "Single acknowledgment" of alarm messages ("Group acknowledgment").
  2. Set alarm messages to "Without acknowledgment".

The first method is preferable, because the alarm messages without acknowledgment are not displayed in the Latest list in OS Runtime. Safety Matrix V6.2 includes advanced alarm modification. As far as possible, upgrade to the latest version.

Proceed as follows to configure "Group acknowledgment" for alarms in the OS:

  • Open the Process Object View in your project.
  • Select the CFC in which your matrix is inserted and select the "Messages" tab.
  • Disable "Single acknowledgment" for all the messages concerned.

Fig. 01: Message acknowledgment behavior

Alternatively you can configure the messages as being "Without Acknowledgement". Proceed as follows:

  • In the S7 program of the project, you select the "Special Object Properties > Message..." item in the pop-up menu of block F_C_AL (FB348).
  • Disable "With Acknowledgment" for all the messages concerned.
  • Change the message class of these messages to "Event Message - Without Acknowledgment". This message class is available only for messages not requiring acknowledgment.

Messages without acknowledgment are not displayed in the Latest list and easily be overseen by the operator. Any signal (horn) configured is not triggered.

Fig. 02: Messages without acknowledgment

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