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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 44011534, Entry date: 11/19/2010

Product phase-out of SIMOVERT MASTERDRIVES (TA)

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Announcement of product phase-out of the SIMOVERT MASTERDRIVES family MASTERDRIVES devices / cabinets / options / spare parts with short MLFB: 6SE70...., 6SE71...., 6SY7...., 6SX7....

Product lifetime of MASTERDRIVES.

Due to its superior functionality, comprehensive performance range and flexibility, MASTERDRIVES has been for many years a very successful drive system for single motor and multi-motor applications performed on production machines, in general machine building and all industry sectors.

We aim at continuing this unique success story with the new SINAMICS drive family. The SINAMICS drive system provides extended modularity and functionality, such as Safety Integrated functions, and Drive Control Chart (DCC) for the graphic configuration and extension of the device functionality via freely available control, calculation and logic blocks.

We want to inform you - our partner and customer - about our plans for the next few years so that you, as a user of our MASTERDRIVES drive system, have enough time to complete your migration to SINAMICS.

With effect from Oct. 1, 2010, we announce product phase-out, followed by a 10-year phase-out period.
The end of active marketing of the MASTERDRIVES series is scheduled for Oct. 1, 2011. During the phase-out period, you have unlimited access to our spare parts service and service support including extensive repair and service support. Thus, we want to ensure availability of the drive systems installed in the field.
Product discontinuation is scheduled for Oct. 1, 2020. After this date the product will be completely discontinued.

We are confident that, on the one hand, we can offer you a sufficient level of investment security for the equipment of your machines to ensure appropriate support for the drives installed in the field, and, on the other hand, we can offer you with the new SINAMICS drive system an innovative successor product.

Components which are also used in the SINAMICS system are excepted from the product cancellation:

Order number Output Voltage
Braking unit P20  
   [kW]  [V]
  6SE7018-0ES87-2DA1   5 400
  6SE7016-4FS87-2DA1   5 500
  6SE7021-6ES87-2DA1   10 400
  6SE7021-3FS87-2DA1   10 500
  6SE7023-2ES87-2DA1   20 400
  6SE7028-0ES87-2DA1   50 400
  6SE7026-4FS87-2DA1   50 500
  6SE7025-3HS87-2DA1   50 690
  6SE7031-6EB87-2DA1   100 400
  6SE7031-3FB87-2DA1   100 500
  6SE7032-7EB87-2DA1   170 400
  6SE7032-5FB87-2DA1   200 500
  6SE7032-1HB87-2DA1   200 690


Order number Designation, Current/output
6SE7021-0ES87-1FE0 OUTPUT REACTOR 10.2A, FMAX = 120HZ, FP = 3KHZ, 3 AC 380-460V
6SE7022-6ES87-1FE0 OUTPUT REACTOR 25.5A, FMAX = 120HZ, FP = 3KHZ, 3 AC 380-460V
6SE7024-7ES87-1FE0 OUTPUT REACTOR 47A, FMAX = 120HZ, FP = 3KHZ, 3 AC 380-460V
6SE7026-0HS87-1FE0 OUTPUT REACTOR 61/60A, FMAX = 300HZ, FP = 3KHZ, 3 AC 500-575/660-690V
6SE7027-2ES87-1FE0 OUTPUT REACTOR 72A, FMAX = 120HZ, FP = 3KHZ, 3 AC 380-460V
6SE7028-2HS87-1FE0 OUTPUT REACTOR 79/82A, FMAX = 300HZ, FP = 3KHZ, 3 AC 500-575/660-690V
6SE7031-5ES87-1FE0 OUTPUT REACTOR 146A, FMAX = 120HZ, FP = 3KHZ, 3 AC 380-460V
6SE7031-8ES87-1FE0 OUTPUT REACTOR 186A, FMAX = 120HZ, FP = 3KHZ, 3 AC 380-460V
6SE7032-6ES87-1FE0 OUTPUT REACTOR 260A, FMAX = 120HZ, FP = 3KHZ, 3 AC 380-460V
6SE7023-2ES87-2DC0 BRAKING RESISTOR, DC 510-620V, 20KW, 20 OHM
6SE7028-0ES87-2DC0 BRAKING RESISTOR, DC 510-620V, 50KW, 8 OHM
6SE7031-3FS87-2DC0 BRAKING RESISTOR, DC 675-780V, 100KW, 6.2 OHM
6SE7032-5FS87-2DC0 BRAKING RESISTOR, DC 675-780V 170KW, 3.1 OHM
6SE7032-7ES87-2DC0 BRAKING RESISTOR, DC 510-620V, 170KW, 2.35 OHM
6SE7032-1HS87-2DC0 BRAKING RESISTOR, DC 890-930V, 200KW, 4.45 OHM"