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How are WinCC projects from V4 through to V7 consistently migrated to the new WinCC versions?

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The attached PDF document contains detailed instructions for migrating a WinCC project consistently from V4 through to V7. Moreover, it contains information on the necessary order numbers, licenses and all you need to know about the upgrading of a WinCC project.


  • Please note that upgraded WinCC projects can no longer be opened with previous WinCC versions. Back up your project before upgrading.
    More detailed information is available in the WinCC online help under the keywords "Migration" or "Upgrade".
  • As of WinCC V7.0 SP2, the channel "Windows DDE" will not be supplied any longer. Please use the channel "OPC" instead. Remove the "Windows DDE" channel prior to migration.
  • If, in the new version, the quantity framework of the license used prior to migration does not exist any longer, migration will result automatically in the next higher license.
    License prior to migration: V6.2 RT (256)
    License after migration: V7.0 RT (512)

As of version SIMATIC WinCC V7.2, you are using the tool integrated into the WinCC Explorer: Convert project data.

Figure 01

Up to version SIMATIC WinCC V7.0, you are using the following tool for migration: WinCC Project Migrator.

Figure 02

  Documentation Migration V4 to V7 (1,8 MB)

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