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How do you migrate WinCC projects to new versions of WinCC from V4 to V7?

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The attached PDF document provides detailed instructions for migrating WinCC projects from V4 to V7. Information is also given about the order numbers and licenses required plus everything you need to know about upgrading a WinCC project.


  • Please note that upgraded WinCC projects can no longer be opened with previous versions of WinCC. Make a backup of your project before upgrading.
    Detailed information is available in the WinCC Online Help under the keywords "Migration" and "Upgrade".
  • The function of the PROFIBUS FMS channel is dependent on the version of SIMATIC NET. Up to WinCC V7.2 the channel can be used without any restrictions. With WinCC V7.3 you can use PROFIBUS FMS with the SIMATIC NET version V7.1. With WinCC WinCC V7.4 and higher this version of SIMATIC NET is incompatible, which means that you cannot use PROFIBUS FMS in WinCC.
    Prior to use, check the compatibility of the required version of SIMATIC NET up to version V7.1 with your operating system.
    Information and the link to the CompaTool are available in Entry ID 64847781.
  • With WinCC V7.0 SP2 and higher the "Windows DDE" channel is no longer included in the delivery. Use the "OPC" channel instead. Remove the "Windows DDE" channel before migration.
  • If the quantity framework of the license used before migration no longer exists, the next largest license comes automatically during migration.
    License before migration: V6.2 RT (256)
    License after migration: V7.0 RT (512)

With SIMATIC WinCC V7.2 onwards you use the tool integrated in the WinCC Explorer: Convert Project Data.

Fig. 1

Up to SIMATIC WinCC V7.0 you use the following tool for migration: WinCC Project Migrator. 

Fig. 2


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