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Firmware for the SINAMICS DCM / SINAMICS DCM Control Module and the associated SSPs for STARTER - News

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New Version SINAMICS DCM Firmware V1.5. The latest firmware for your SINAMICS DCM / SINAMICS DCM Control Module and the associated SSPs for STARTER.

Device firmware for SINAMICS DCM   

Latest Version Firmware SINAMICS DCM V1.5

 Download unterliegt Exportcontrolle  SINAMICS_DCM_Firmware_V1.5_HF1.zip (21,1 MB)
Note: The software is subject to export restrictions. The download is only available to registered users.

 Download unterliegt Exportcontrolle  SINAMICS_DCM_Firmware_V1.4_SP1_HF6.zip (19,9 MB)
Note: The software is subject to export restrictions. The download is only available to registered users.

Description of the firmware update

  sw_update_en.pdf (646,8 KB)


 Download unterliegt Exportcontrolle  SSP_SINAMICS_DCM_V1_5.zip (59,2 MB) 

only for registered Siemens employees:

PridaNet  => Downloads
 => SINAMICS DCM => Automation system components =>
 Automation systems software => Drive software => SINAMICS DCM Software => STARTER SSP for SINAMICS DCM V1.4

Description of the SSP installation 

  ssp_update_en.pdf (2,5 KB)


re. Version 1.1. HF3

  Restrictions DCM V1.1 (77,3 KB)

re. Version 1.2.

  Restrictions DCM V1.2 (13,4 KB)

  Restrictions AOP30 V1.2 (54,2 KB)

re. Version 1.3.

  Restrictions DCM V1.3 (60,5 KB)

re. Version 1.4.

  Restrictions DCM V1.4 (101,4 KB)

  Restrictions DCM V1.4 HF8 (60,9 KB)

  Restrictions DCM V1.4 SP1 (79,3 KB)

  Restrictions DCM V1.4 SP1 HF5 (98,9 KB)

  Restrictions DCM V1.4 SP1 HF6 (97,0 KB)

re. Version 1.5.

  Restrictions_DCM15HF1.pdf (83,3 KB)

GSD files for integrating the project in SIMATIC

  • Download the GSD_Profibus_DCM.zip
  • Extract the files to the harddisc of your computer into a directory
  • Extract the files from the PC hard disk into a folder

re.Version V 1.3.

  GSD PROFIBUS V1.3 (9,0 KB)

re.Version V 1.4.

  GSD PROFIBUS V1.4 (18,5 KB)

Service Pack 1

  GSD PROFIBUS V1.4 SP1 (18,6 KB)

re. Version 1.5.

 Registrierung notwendig  GSD_Profibus_DCM_V_1_5.zip (21,0 KB)


GSDML-File for PROFINET (all versions)

 Registrierung notwendig  SINAMICS_DCM_GSDML.zip (38,9 KB) 


Lists of faults and warnings

"alarmlist_*.xml" files are not required to properly operate the firmware and related STARTER. They only contain a text extract of the SINAMICS DC MASTER "alarm messages" in "xml" format (this format ensures that the text is displayed correctly independently of worldwide differing fonts and can thus be correctly converted into other formats).
 In some cases, this text extract is required by customers who wish to further use it in their applications resp. integrate it in external units. For this reason, we cannot provide any further support for the SINAMICS DC MASTER.

The lists in the zip-file contain 2 components:
 1. alarmlist_dc_master_basic -> general SINAMICS messages
 2. alarmlist_dc_master_oa -> DC-specific messages

re.Version V 1.3.

alarmlist_SINAMICS_DCM_V1_3_deu.zip (133 KB) 

alarmlist_SINAMICS_DCM_V1_3_eng.zip (129 KB)  

alarmlist_SINAMICS_DCM_V1_3_esp.zip (136 KB)

alarmlist_SINAMICS_DCM_V1_3_fra.zip (139 KB)   

alarmlist_SINAMICS_DCM_V1_3_ita.zip (135 KB)

alarmlist_SINAMICS_DCM_V1_3_rus.zip (166 KB)

alarmlist_SINAMICS_DCM_V1_3_chs.zip (124 KB)


re.Version V 1.4.

  alarmlist_sinamics_dcm_v1_4_deu.zip (149,4 KB)

  alarmlist_sinamics_dcm_v1_4_eng.zip (143,8 KB)

  alarmlist_sinamics_dcm_v1_4_esp.zip (152,0 KB)

  alarmlist_sinamics_dcm_v1_4_fra.zip (155,7 KB)

  alarmlist_sinamics_dcm_v1_4_ita.zip (150,9 KB)

  alarmlist_sinamics_dcm_v1_4_rus.zip (175,0 KB)

  alarmlist_sinamics_dcm_v1_4_chs.zip (140,8 KB)

Service Pack 1

  alarmlist_SINAMICS_DCM_V1_4_SP1_deu.zip (158,2 KB)

  alarmlist_SINAMICS_DCM_V1_4_SP1_eng.zip (147,9 KB)

  alarmlist_SINAMICS_DCM_V1_4_SP1_esp.zip (162,6 KB)

  alarmlist_SINAMICS_DCM_V1_4_SP1_fra.zip (166,7 KB)

  alarmlist_SINAMICS_DCM_V1_4_SP1_ita.zip (161,4 KB)

  alarmlist_SINAMICS_DCM_V1_4_SP1_rus.zip (194,5 KB)

  alarmlist_SINAMICS_DCM_V1_4_SP1_chs.zip (142,2 KB)

re. Version 1.5.

 Registrierung notwendig  alarmlist_SINAMICS_DCM_V1_5_HF1_deu.zip (160,9 KB)

 Registrierung notwendig  alarmlist_SINAMICS_DCM_V1_5_HF1_eng.zip (154,9 KB)

 Registrierung notwendig  alarmlist_SINAMICS_DCM_V1_5_HF1_esp.zip (163,7 KB)

 Registrierung notwendig  alarmlist_SINAMICS_DCM_V1_5_HF1_fra.zip (168,3 KB)

 Registrierung notwendig  alarmlist_SINAMICS_DCM_V1_5_HF1_ita.zip (163,2 KB)

 Registrierung notwendig  alarmlist_SINAMICS_DCM_V1_5_HF1_rus.zip (187,4 KB)

 Registrierung notwendig  alarmlist_SINAMICS_DCM_V1_5_HF1_chs.zip (148,4 KB)


AOP30 Languages

If an AOP is operated on a converter without a memory card, it can be selected between german and english in the AOP30. There are also the languages french, italian, spanish and russian available. The requirement for that is a connected memory card and the firmware (from V1.2). The firmware which is provided for update, contains also all available language packages. 


STARTER (commissioning tool)

The latest STARTER version (commissioning tool) for SINAMICS can be ordered  as DVD under the following order number:  


The DVD can be sourced via the PMD with the appropriate reference source (ORG-ID).

The STARTER-program can also be downloaded under following link as a ZIP-file: 26233208 


Resources required, e.g. to back up the parameter assignment and to update the firmware with memory card

To update the firmware, you require:
  • a memory card (MMC) with the following order number: 6RX1800-0AS01
  • an SD/MMC card reader on your PC or an appropriate external read-write device, e.g. for a USB interface.

Prerequisites for the firmware update:

  • Memory card (MMC) is available
  • The read device has been installed on the PC
  • A WinZip program has been installed on the computer 

Please contact the corresponding Technical Support if you have technical questions: Support Request

Security information
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