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Download for Demo Projects in Getting Started of STEP 7 Basic V10.5

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Structure of Getting Started

The example project is extended with every chapter. Starting with a simple project in which you only use the basic functions of the TIA portal, you can expand the project step by step, whereby you make use of more and more complex functions of the TIA portal. Experienced users can jump some chapters, first-time users are provided with additional background information on programming and visualization in the chapter "Simple Example".

Getting Started itself is available under entry ID 40263542.

Structure of Getting Started and the associated downloads
Chapter Resulting Project Resource
1-TIA Portal Introduction
  • Fundamentals of the TIA portal
  • Views/Editors/Navigation

( 5 KB )
2-Simple Example
  • Creating a project
  • CPU configuration / program creation
  • Creating an HMI image

Simple Example
( 2118 KB )

3-Extended Example
  • Expand CPU program
  • Expand the HMI image
  • Simulate and test CPU program and HMI

Extended Example
( 1866 KB )

4-Example "PID Controller"
  • Upload the PID simulation program
  • Create PID controller and integrate into program
  • PID controller startup

Extended Example PID
( 2189 KB )

Simulation Program PID
( 341 KB )
5-Example "Motion"
  • Create and configure an Axis technology object
  • Integrate Motion Control into program
  • Motion startup

Extended Example Motion
( 2121 KB )

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