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Visualization with user-defined web pages on SIMATIC CPUs with PROFINET interface

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Modern automation technology increasingly integrates internet technologies which – together with an integrated Ethernet-based communication – enable, for example, direct access to the system via the intranet. During the test and commissioning phase, the commissioning engineer wants to have flexible access to the CPU; individual data are to be visualized during operation for diagnostic purposes: For access mechanisms via the internet or intranet it is reasonable to use already existing standards such as the http technology, standard web browsers and common "languages" such as HTML or JavaScript.

SIMATIC CPUs with PROFINET interface provide the opportunity to access variables of the CPU with the help of web pages provided by the system. The integrated web server of the S7-CPU is accessed via a standard web browser:
In addition to the standard mechanisms of the web page such as identification, diagnostic buffer, module status, messages, communication, topology, variable status and table, individual web pages can be designed and called for your particular application.

To create your individual web page (user-defined web page), you can use any tools such as Microsoft Frontpage, Notepad, etc.. For designing your web page, you can use all options provided by HTML, CSS and JavaScript. In addition, there is a special command syntax (AW P command) for directed communication with the CPU.

The following figure shows the implemented visualization with all active operating and display elements.

The following figure shows the underlying hardware structure of this example.



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Visualization with user-defined web pages
44212999_AWP_PN_CPU_V10_e.pdf ( 1162 KB )
STEP 7 project with related HTML file
44212999_Web2PLC_CODE_V10.zip ( 947 KB )





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AWP, PN interface, PROFINET, Enumeration, Webpages, Webserver, S7 300 Webserver, Server, S7 Userdefined Webpages

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