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Where are the current declarations of conformity to be found for SIMATIC HMI panels (CE, UL, cUL, GOST)?

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This entry gives you an overview of the current declarations of conformity for SIMATIC HMI operator panels.

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CE declarations of conformity (CE marks of conformity)
All HMI operator panels with a CE mark are confirmed to be in compliance with the relevant EU directives and all the EU guidelines. The table in "EU_Conformity_Panels_e.pdf" gives a list of all the current certificates.

Attachment 1: EU_Conformity_Panels_e.pdf ( 65 KB )

UL/ cUL declarations of conformity (C-UL US Listing marks of conformity)
HMI operator panels with a C-UL US Listing mark of conformity have been listed in compliance with applicable UL standards and requirements of Underwriters Laboratories Inc. These operator panels fulfill the requirements for the Canadian market and for the USA. The table in "UL_Conformity_Panels_e.pdf" gives a list of all the current certificates. More information about UL / cUL is available in Entry ID 14399444.

Attachment 2: UL_Conformity_Panels_e.pdf ( 85 KB )

GOST declarations of conformity
All SIMATIC HMI operator panels are GOST certified. The GOST certificates are available in PDF format or as certified hard copies and have to be ordered from SIEMENS I IA AS S EU.

The following is required for shipping the certificates:

  • A list of the products for which a certificate is needed.
  • Name and address of the Russian customer.
  • Project data.
  • Reasons for shipment to Russia.
  • Is the certificate needed in PDF format or as a certified hard copy?

The form can be procured at the e-mail address below.


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