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Wizard for Creating the Parameterizations for SIMATIC Identification Systems (SIMATIC Ident Wizard).

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The FB45 standard function block and an associated data block are used to integrate SIMATIC identification systems into a STEP 7 program.

For easy parameterization of FB 45, we offer you the SIMATIC Ident Wizard as a free download. The SIMATIC Ident Wizard provides you with optimum support when creating the data structures that are necessary for FB45. The SIMATIC Ident Wizard enables you to specify the parameters of your identification device easily and clearly. You only have to enter the parameters that are necessary for the respective identification device. The tool then exports a data block with all parameters to your STEP 7 project. Existing parameterizations can be read out, copied and documented. In addition, the call sequence of FB45 is offered to you as a text file that can be copied to the desired location in your user program. The SIMATIC Ident Wizard can be used for both SIMATIC RFID readers and the code reading systems of the SIMATIC MV400 family.

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Creating the Parameterizations for SIMATIC Identification Systems with the SIMATIC Ident Wizard
44444101_SIMATIC_Ident_Wizard_DOKU_V12_en.pdf ( 1524 KB )
Tool "SIMATIC Ident Wizard"
44444101_SIMATIC_Ident_Wizard_CODE_V12.zip ( 1518 KB )

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RFID-Systems, FB 45, Function Manual Entry-ID: 21738808
Configuration Manual "RFID-Systems SIMATIC RF600, Reader SIMATIC RF620R/RF630R" Entry-ID: 33287195

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