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Entry type: Application example Entry ID: 44444703, Entry date: 11/17/2014

OPC Client Excel Applications for Data Access to PCS 7 OS Process Data via OpenPCS 7

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Aim of the Application
Standardized data accesses in Excel applications were realized with the OpenPCS 7 supported OPC DA (Data Access), OPC HDA (Historical Data Access) and OPC A&E (Alarm & Events) specifications. This OPC client Excel applications access PCS 7 OS process data. This solution makes enables data access of superior systems for, e.g. production planning, process data evaluation and management.

Figure 01

This application consists of a PCS 7 sample configuration and OPC client Excel applications. The corresponding application description contains all steps from comissioning, configuration and operation of the sample project and the OPC client Excel applications. The description is intended to be a supplement to the "SIMATIC process control system PCS 7 OpenPCS 7" function manual which is available under entry ID 36183293.

Core Contents
The application contains the following contents:

  • Application Description
  • PCS 7 sample project
  • OPC client Excel applications
    • OPC DA (process data at runtime)
    • OPC HDA (archive variables of the measured value archive)
    • OPC A&E (alarms and messages at runtime)


  • Created with MS Excel 2003 (does only work with Microsoft Office for 32Bit)
  • Tested with SIMATIC PCS 7 V7.1

Alternative solutions
With the entry 35840700 "Export of WinCC/ CAS archive data using the WinCC OLE DB Provider" in the Applications&Tools portal you will find two applications for the access to archived process data of PCS 7 OS / WinCC. 

  • Export of WinCC / CAS archive data to Excel using the WinCC OLE DB provider
    (realized with VBA in Excel)
  • Access to WinCC data with independent "WinCC_CopackCsharp" Windows application
    (realized in C#)

The OPC client Excel applications provided with this entry were realized with VBA in Excel. The main difference to the alternative solutions mentioned above is that process data, alarms and messages are accessed at runtime.  


Content of the Downloads


Application description - OPC Client Excel Applications for Data Access to PCS 7 OS Process Data via OpenPCS 7 44444703_OpenPCS_7_Station_OPC-Clients_en.pdf ( 2767 KB )
PCS 7 sample project Opce_mp.zip ( 70321 KB )
OPC client Excel applications OPC_Clients_Excel.zip ( 1113 KB )

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