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Entry type: Application example Entry ID: 44908868, Entry date: 09/03/2010

Signal Smoothing-in-Control-Loops

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Objective of the Application
Almost any real sensor device for the measuring of process values of control loops delivers signals, which are disturbed by typically high-frequency noise. Nevertheless the requirements for the control loop with respect to fast dynamics and moderate movements of the actuator are to be fulfilled as good as possible. Therefore signal noise is suppressed by a filter, and the proper choice of the filter time constants is a major issue. Filter implementation and parameter setting as well as consequences of different filter time constants are shown, using the example project "APL_Example_EU".

Main contents
The following issues are discussed in this application note:

  • Interaction between the signal filtering and the controller
  • Simulation example

Valid for PCS 7 V7.1, in principal transferable to V7.0 from SP1.


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Documentation - Signal Smoothing-in-Control-Loops 44908868_Signal_Smoothing_en.pdf ( 868 KB )




09/2010    V1.0 First release

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