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WinCC/WebUX and WinCC/WebNavigator Demo Access

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The WinCC web-options allows you to visualize and operate your plant via the Internet or your companys Intranet or LAN. This entry provides you a demo access to the web-options.

Demo access
Get an overview of the WinCC web options. Use the demo access and get an idea of the efficiency of these two options.

  • WebUX
    (free plug-in; can be displayed without additional settings/installations, any browser (e.g. Safari, Firefox,Chrome...) and device-independent)
  • WebNavigator
    (additional settings, authorizations and plug-in (~62MB) installations required, Internet Explorer)

WebUX demo access
Access the web option WinCC/WebUX with any terminal device and any HTML5 browser.

Content of the WinCC/WebUX demo access

  • Function overview
    List of WebUX-capable WinCC functions
  • “Filling line” filling plant
    Different views of a filling plant from the view of different roles:
    - plant manager
    - shift supervisor
    - maintenance

If appears a security question, click on "Continue to this website (not recommended)" or add an exception for this internet-site.

WebNavigator demo access
Access the demo project with the Internet Explorer and WinCC/WebNavigator client.
(The client is offered for download at the first visit.)

 Content of the WinCC/WebNavigator demo access

  • Application cases
    In the demo project you will see an application example from the food sector. A chocolate factory is shown.
    Zoom (CTRL+mouse wheel) out of the screen, in order to get an overall view of the factory. (Through the decluttering function, details are faded out when zooming out and when zooming in, they are displayed again.)
  • Products
    In this case you can see a selection of the functions and options of WinCC.

Due to occasional maintenance and update work, permanent availability of the demo access cannot be guaranteed. Thank you for your understanding.

Demo access WinCC V7.3 SE


ContentAccess data


WinCC/WebUXGermanUser name: winccd
Password: winccpass
EnglishUser name: wincce
Password: winccpass
WinCC/WebNavigatorGermanUser name: winccd
Password: winccpass
EnglishUser name: wincce
Password: winccpass

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Further Information




WinCC/WebNavigator manualManual
Further information on WinCC/WebNavigatorSiemens internet
WinCC/WebUX manualManual
Further information on WinCC/WebUXSiemens internet

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Last Changes
Supplement of demo access to the WinCC/WebUX and update to WinCC V7.3 SE.