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Determining the Transmission Times for Typical Configurations between S7 Stations and PC Stations via SIMATIC NET OPC Server

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Automation projects often require intensive, high-performance data exchange between SIMATIC S7 controllers and PC systems. OPC UA is establishing itself more and more, particularly with regard to Industry 4.0, as a central communication component in the PLC world as well. Measured performance data on the OPC communication provide you with reliable statements here.

Typical configurations consist of a central OPC UA server on an industrial PC and several S7 stations communicating with the OPC UA server. The OPC UA Client acccesses this data through the OPC UA server on a PC or directly throug the OPC UA server on the S7-1500 PLC.

Important questions in this context are:

  • Which S7 components are best suited for the planned automation project?
    • Basic Controller
    • Advanced Controller
    • Distributed Cotroller
    • Software Controller
  • What influence do different quantity frameworks have on runtimes?
  • How does the data communication affect the cycle (OB1) of an S7 controller?
  • How do the various OPC UA services differ respectively?
    • OPC UA Write
    • OPC UA Read
    • OPC UA subscription
    • OPC UA cpu subscription (only SIMATIC NET OPC UA Server)
  • Which data transfer times are expected for typical configurations and systems?
  • Which statistical fluctuations can occur?

The following figure shows the measuring setup in principle:

To answer the questions above measurements with typical, practice-relevant configurations with SIMATIC components were performed:

  • with typical S7 components (controllers and industrial PCs)
  • with typical parameters and configurations
  • load programs with practical relevance in the corresponding S7 controllers enable values under real conditions
  • large quantity frameworks

The focus of this measurement is on the measurement of the runtime of a message frame through the entire system - this means from the S7 station via the SIMATIC NET OPC server to the OPC client application!

Measurement was performed for some typical configurations. This does not mean that every possible configuration has been measured.

Access to the performance data
Click the respective version to go to the web interface of the performance data.

VersionMeasurement timeMeasured componentsDocumentation on measurementLink to measurement
V 4 06 - 08/2018   (6,1 KB) (1,4 MB) OPC V4
V 306 - 12/2016(41,7 KB)(1,2 MB)OPC V3
V 205/2012 - 01/2013(42,8 KB)OPC V2
V 109 - 10/2010(105,3 KB)OPC V1

Further Information
Roadmap on all available communication performance measurements

Last Changes
Version 4: Repeated measurement with up-to-date S7 1500 controllers and CP 443-1 OPC UA.

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