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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 4555266, Entry date: 04/05/2000

Various SIMATIC S5 Components Available as Spare Parts Only.

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Concerns products with the Order No.'s:                                     


6ES5 101-8UA13          S5-101U central controller                          

6ES5 101-8UA33          S5-101U central controller                          

6ES5 101-8UB13          S5-101U central controller                          

6ES5 101-8UU13          S5-101U central controller                          

6ES5 101-8UW13          S5-101U central controller                          

6ES5 101-8UC11          S5-101U expansion unit                              

6ES5 101-8UC21          S5-101U expansion unit                              

6ES5 101-8UC31          S5-101U expansion unit                              

6ES5 101-8UX11          S5-101U expansion unit                              

6ES5 307-0MM11          FOC media module IM 307/317                         

6ES5 307-3UA11          FOC interface module S5-115                         

6ES5 313-3AA12          Monitoring module                                   

6ES5 317-3UA11          FOC interface module S5-115                         

6ES5 330-8MA11          S5-100 diagnostics module                           

6ES5 340-3KB42          SIMATIC S5, 340 memory module                       

6ES5 350-3KA21          SIMATIC S5, 350 memory module                       

6ES5 350-3KA41          SIMATIC S5, 350 memory module                       

6ES5 355-3UA11          SIMATIC S5, 355 memory module                       



As a result of the discontinuation of certain components and because of     

significantly decreased order quantities, supply of the SIMATIC S5 items    

listed above will be discontinued as per October 01, 2000. Until this date, 

last orders can be placed. Thereafter, the components will only be avail-   

able on a spare parts basis.