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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 4555298, Entry date: 04/05/2000

Supply of Various SIMATIC S5 Components to Be Totally Discontinued

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Concerns products with the Order No.'s:                                     


6ES5 984-0DA11          984 adapter connector                               

6ES5 984-1UB11          984 adapter connector for PG 605U                   

6ES5 835-4SF31          COM PMC French, single license                      

6ES5 998-0UC13          S5-101U manual, German                              

6ES5 998-0UC23          S5-101U manual, English                             

6ES5 998-0UC33          S5-101U manual, French                              

6ES5 848-6GC11-0KL1     SFB for CP 516 German, copy license                 

6ES5 848-6GC21-0KL1     SFB for CP 516 English, copy license                

6ES5 848-6GC31          SFB for CP 516 French, single license               

6ES5 848-6GC31-0KL1     SFB for CP 516 French, copy license                 

6ES5 998-2AT31          CP 581 manual, French                               



Our spare parts commitment for the above SIMATIC S5 components ends on      

October 01, 2000. Supply of the products from our spart parts center will   

be totally discontinued after this date.