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SIMATIC WinCC/ProAgent V5.0

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   Version V5.0 of  SIMATIC WinCC/ProAgent is released                      

   with immediate effect.                                                   


   1. Product Description                                                   


    The release comprises the WinCC add-on package:                         


    - WinCC/ProAgent V5.0 on the basis of WinCC V5.0 SP1                    


    ProAgent supplements SIMATIC WinCC with functions for                   

    process diagnostics on the basis of S7-PDIAG as of V4.02,               

    S7-GRAPH as of V4.0 and STEP7 as of V5.0 SP3.                           


    WinCC/ProAgent V5.0 has been released for the Windows NT 4.0            

    SP5 operating system on the basis of WinCC V5.0 with Service            

    Pack 1 installed. WinCC/ProAgent V5.0 contains the standard             

    diagnostic images for process diagnostics for the following             

    destination devices:                                                    


   - FI45,  resolution 1024x786 pixels                                      

   - PC,    resolution 800x600 pixels                                       

   - PC,    resolution 1024x768 pixels                                      


    The WinCC/ProAgent V5.0 manuals are not part of the delivery            

    package and must be ordered separately. The manuals are also            

    available in electronic form as PDF files on the WinCC/ProAgent         

    V5.0 product CD.                                                        


    You can upgrade to the current V5.0 of WinCC/ProAgent. You can          

    find the order details in Chapter 2. Included with the upgrade          

    is the SIMATIC WinCC/ProAgent V5.0 CD without manuals. The              

    manuals (D, E, F) are on the product CD in the ÖdocumentsÖ              



   1.1 Enhancements Since ProAgent for WinCC V4.5 SP1                       


   - Display classes for messages now supported.                            

   - The process control messages can be switched off in                    

     ProAgent Editor.                                                       

   - In the overview, the icons for "motion present" and                    

     and "level higher/lower" can be operated directly                      

     using the mouse (left or right mouse button).                          


   1.2 Typical Application Specifications and System                        

       Limits of the Diagnosis                                              


   1.2.1 Recommended Typical Application Specifications                     


    The recommended typically application specifications for                

    WinCC/ProAgent are based mainly on the desired maximum                  

    generation time of 10 minutes (FI45, Pentium II, 333 MHz,               

    256 MB).                                                                



    Example of typical application specifications with a typical            

    generation time of 10 minutes:                                          




    ! Structure/Type                      !          Number !               


    ! CPUs                                !               5 !               

    ! Units (S7-PDIAG/S7-GRAPH)           !           50/50 !               

    ! Motion (4 stop positions each)      !             300 !               

    ! ALARM_S messages (with              !            1600 !               

    ! criteria analysis)                  !                 !               

    ! Increments (only linear/S7-GRAPH)   !            1000 !               

    ! Transitions (S7-GRAPH)              !            1000 !               

    ! Networks                            !            3500 !               

    ! Texts                               !           11100 !               

    ! Symbols (95% of them in             !            4245 !               

    ! data blocks)                        !                 !               



    The generation time of these application                                

    specifications can vary depending on the computer                       

    configuration (processor or memory). The higher the                     

    specifications, the greater the generation time.                        


    We recommend a main memory configuration of at least 256 MB             

    for the generation of process diagnostic data.                          


   1.2.2 System Limits                                                      


    The following limits must be adhered to when                            

    working with WinCC/ProAgent:                                            



    ! Structures                          !     Max. Number !               


    ! S7-PDIAG unit or S7-GRAPH           !            1200 !               

    ! step sequences on a unit level      !                 !               

    ! S7-PDIAG unit or S7-GRAPH           !            6000 !               

    ! step sequences over all             !                 !               

    ! unit levels                         !                 !               

    ! Total ALARM_S(Q) messages (with     !           12000 !               

    ! criteria analysis)                  !                 !               

    ! Simultaneously pending ALARM_S(Q)   !      Depends on !               

    ! messages                            !     the S7 CPUs !               

    ! Criteria per criteria analysis      !              64 !               



   1.3 Connection to SIMATIC S7                                             


    Possible types of connection for process diagnosis with                 

    SIMATIC S7 and WinCC/ProAgent via:                                      


    - MPI                                                                   

    - Profibus                                                              

    - Slot PLC                                                              

    - Industrial Ethernet H1                                                

    - TCP/IP                                                                


   1.4 Variable Management                                                  


   WinCC/ProAgent V5.0 generates 112 variables per S7 connection.           

   These variables must be covered by the existing WinCC variable           



   1.5 Inclusion of WinCC/ProAgent in WinCC Comprehensive                   



   Version 5.0 of WinCC/ProAgent is included in WinCC Comprehensive         

   Support as part of the delivery package. WinCC Comprehensive             

   Support will be distributed initially with WinCC V5.0 SP1.               


   Continued in SIMATIC HMI user information document no.                   


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