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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 4559121, Entry date: 06/05/2000

Innovated PG 740 PIII Programming Device Now Available

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Concerns products with the Order No.'s:                                     


6ES7 742-1AC10-0AA0    PG 740 PIII, PIII 600, German, new                   

6ES7 742-1AC10-0BA0    PG 740 PIII, PIII 600, English, new                  

6ES7 742-1AC10-0CA0    PG 740 PIII, PIII 600, French, new                   

6ES7 742-1AC10-0DA0    PG 740 PIII, PIII 600, Spanish, new                  

6ES7 742-1AC10-0EA0    PG 740 PIII, PIII 600, Italian, new                  

6ES7 742-0AC00-0AA2    PG 740 PIII, PIII 450, German                        

6ES7 742-0AC00-0BA2    PG 740 PIII, PIII 450, English                       

6ES7 742-0AC00-0CA2    PG 740 PIII, PIII 450, French                        

6ES7 742-0AC00-0DA2    PG 740 PIII, PIII 450, Spanish                       

6ES7 742-0AC00-0EA2    PG 740 PIII, PIII 450, Italian                       



The PG 740 PIII programming device is now available with higher speed       

microprocessor and larger hard disk.                                        


New Pentium III 600 MHz microprocessor:                                     


The previous Intel Pentium III 450 MHz microprocessor has been replaced     

by the more powerful version with 600 MHz. This microprocessor is sometimes 

dubbed copper mine and symbolized with an E added to the name. It features  

improved architecture and a 256-Kbyte on-die cache with improved processor  

connection. The cache is now operated at the same clock frequency as the    



Larger hard disk:                                                           


The new hard disk generation enables us to increase the capacity from       

8.4 to 10.2 Gbytes.                                                         


Overview of changes of the PG 740 PIII:                                     


CPU:                      Intel Pentium III 600 MHz, incl. 256-Kbyte        

                          second-level cache; 100 MHz front side bus        

Hard disk:                10.2 GBytes (Ultra-DMA)                           


A 20.4-Gbyte hard disk is available as an option. Please speak to your      

SIMATIC contact at your local Siemens office for further information.       


Changes in the operating system CD ROM:                                     


Since the changeover of the standard operating system of the programming    

devices to Windows 98, the scope of supply also includes a backup CD ROM.   

Since Jan. 1, 2000, all OEM partners of Microsoft are obliged to produce    

their systems such, that this CD ROM can only be used with the systems of   

this OEM. We have now introduced this so-called no-media CD ROM together    

with the innovated PGs. It ensures that the CD ROM originating from the     

scope of supply of SIMATIC PGs and PCs will only execute on the latter.     

This change has no consequences on the functions of the CD ROM.             


The list price and the scope of supply of the programming devices, in       

particular the pre-loaded software and the order no.'s of the options       

and spare parts, remain the same.                                           


Remaining stocks of the previous PG 740 PIII programming devices with Pen-  

tium III 450 MHz will be sold off at a special price. This price is in line 

with similar performance notebooks of other PC manufacturers. The PG will   

cease to be available thereafter.                                           


Your SIMATIC contact at your local Siemens office will answer any further   

questions you may have.                                                     




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