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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 46183726, Entry date: 11/11/2010

SIMATIC IPC547C Now Available With Windows 7 Ultimate Operating System Option

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The new Microsoft operating system Windows 7 Ultimate (32-Bit), MUI (Multilingual User Interface), 5 languages (English, German, French, Italian, Spanish) is now available for the SIMATIC IPC547C. All new Windows 7 functions are now available for more performance and reliability and for highest requirements in industrial applications.

Windows 7 Ultimate is available for SIMATIC IPCs as "OEM Embedded License", i.e in the same way as the other Microsoft operating system options. This form of licensing provides the following important benefits to our cutomers:

  • Windows 7 comes preinstalled and enabled in the delivered SIMATIC IPC. "Startup" only means entering the license holder's name, therafter the system will startup immediately. This form of delivery is very convenient for our customers and helps to save time (approx. 1 hour compared to a new installation with a Windows 7 Ultimate operating system DVD).
  • No elaborate operating system unlocking at Microsoft required:
    • No enabling required, pre-enabled with the preloaded software
    • No renewed enabling required even in the case of a new installation from the Recovery DVD
  • If required, the included Restore DVD enables restoration of the as-shipped status of the software on the hard disk. In line with our OEM Embedded license agreement the Restore DVD will only run on the SIMATIC IPC547C.
  • License verification at the customer is simple: A COA Label (Certificate of Authenticity) attached to the PC verifies the license. No further software CDs or documents are required.
  • Long operating system availability even after the supply of the operating system has been discontinued by Microsoft

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