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Power management:Configuration Example for B.Data in Connection with SIMATIC WinCC

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Energy costs are a considerable cost factor in many companies. Optimizing energy consumption may clearly reduce this cost factor.

This example project shall introduce to you the energy management system “B.Data” using an example configuration and facilitate your first steps.

B.Data offers the functionalities necessary for a comprehensive view on energy management. The interface management, configurable by the user, on the one hand supports the current standards, such as OPC, ODBC, ASCII or XML, and on the other hand offers direct interfaces to Siemens products such as WinCC, for which a configuration synchronization of the data points is supported.

On the PC “BDATA”, B.Data is installed and operated in a basic configuration. B.Data is here, via the acquisition server, also connected to the “WINCC” PC with a data point of the compressed archive of SIMATIC WinCC.


Contents of the downloads


(Configuration example for WinCC/B.Data V5.2 SP1)
46641745_DOKU_V5_2_SP1_e.pdf ( 4943 KB )
Excel files
Template for a B.Data report and measured values as Excel files.
46641745_CODE.zip ( 11 KB )
WinCC project (Server)
For application with separate WinCC server, according to the figure above.
46641745_SERVER.zip ( 70472 KB )
WinCC project (single-user, alternative to server project)
For application with joint installation of B.Data and WinCC on only one computer.
46641745_STANDALONE.zip ( 164411 KB )

Further information



Simple Introduction into Energy Management with WinCC Article ID: 48586219
Manual for WinCC Article ID: 37436840
How are SIMATIC Powerrate library blocks used in STEP 7 and WinCC ? Article ID: 43705887
Configuration example on previous version
WinCC/B.Data V5.2 (without SP1)

46641745_DOKU_V5_2_e.pdf ( 4312 KB )

Note on security
The functions and solutions described in this entry are mainly limited to the realization of the automation task. In addition, please note that suitable security measures in compliance with the applicable Industrial Security standards must be taken, if your system is interconnected with other parts of the plant, the company’s network or the Internet. More information can be found under entry ID 50203404.

Last modification
Revised within the framework of B.Data V5.2 SP1.

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