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How do you insert error messages of a frequency converter (SINAMICS and MICROMASTER) in a WinCC flexible or WinCC (TIA Portal) project?

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Display error messages of a frequency converter

SINAMICS Firmware version V4.5 and higher
With SINAMICS firmware version V4.5 and higher the error messages are made available as XML files. Using the SINAMICS XML parser you can create csv files from the XML files. Using these csv files you can create text lists with the error numbers and error texts in your HMI project. The SINAMICS XML parser is available in Entry ID: 77467239. The XML files ready for downloading are available at this Link. At this link you enter the article number of your SINAMICS in the "Enter keyword…" field. Select the download for your firmware version. This download includes the relevant XML files.

SINAMICS firmware version up to V4.4
The downloads below are valid only for SINAMICS firmware up to version V4.4.

This entry provides the error messages of a frequency converter in the form of a text list. This enables you to display the error messages in plain text on the operator panel.
Information about using text lists is available at the links below.

  • Manual WinCC (TIA Portal): "WinCC Advanced > Visualizing processes (Advanced) > Working with text lists and graphics lists > Working with text lists"
  • Manual WinCC flexible: "WinCC flexible 2008 > WinCC flexible Engineering System > Working with WinCC flexible > Text list"

The tables below provide the error messages as libraries that can be downloaded.

1. Downloads for WinCC (TIA Portal)

V 2.5 SP1
( 709 KB )
V 2.6 SP1 ( 730 KB )
V 3.0 ( 484 KB ) ( 484 KB )
V 3.2 ( 488 KB ) ( 486 KB )
V 4.3 ( 638 KB ) ( 638 KB )

( 638 KB )
V 4.4 ( 737 KB ) ( 737 KB ) ( 737 KB )
( 484 KB ) ( 483 KB )

2. Downloads for WinCC flexible

V 2.5 SP1

( 6466 KB )

V 2.6 SP1

( 6595 KB )

V 3.0

( 3543 KB )

( 3354 KB )
V 3.2

( 3388 KB )

( 3357 KB )
V 4.3 ( 5597 KB )

( 5352 KB )

( 5524 KB )
V 4.4 ( 6988 KB ) ( 5794 KB ) ( 6972 KB )
( 3464 KB ) ( 1015 KB )

The libraries are available for downloading in the WinCC flexible versions 2007, 2008 and 2008 SP2. If you want to use the libraries in older versions of WinCC flexible too, you must save them in the version concerned in each case. More information about this is available in Entry ID: 33934262.

The libraries are available in German, English (GB and US), French, Spanish, Italian and Chinese.
Define the language you wish to have prior to inserting the library:

  • In WinCC flexible under "Language Settings > Project Languages"

  • In WinCC (TIA Portal) under "Languages & Resources > Project Languages"

Further Information
SIMATIC HMI Panels and SINAMICS G120 are able to establish a direct connection, without a PLC. This application example shows this direct connection, operating of SINAMICS G120 and displaying alarm- and error messages as text.
Communication between SIMATIC HMI Panels and SINAMICS frequency inverter G120 for operating and for displaying of alarm- and error messages (entry ID: 109481157)

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