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Entry type: FAQ Entry ID: 48015332, Entry date: 09/05/2012

How do you do long-term archiving with WinCC flexible?

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This FAQ response describes how to create and use tag archives the size of which is not restricted by the system limits of the panel.

The system limits for archiving tag values on operator panels and PC Runtime systems permit only restricted long-term archiving.
In the case of an MP 277 Touch, the limit is 10,000 entries per archive (including all the archive segments).

Furthermore, there are restrictions to the output of logged tag values by means of a trend view over a long period of time.
The time period depends on the maximum number of process values that can be stored in the tag log.

This present entry describes how you might be able to use WinCC flexible to

  • Do long-term archiving (Fig. 1).
  • Create tag archives whose names are created first at "Runtime".
    The tag archives created can then be selected via a selection field and output by means of a trend display (Fig. 2).

Fig. 1 shows an example of how the archived entries are displayed. The names of the archives and the "folder structure" are created automatically via scripts.

Fig. 01

Fig. 02 shows a trend display. You select the separate archives by date and time.
When the archive is downloaded, the archive contents are output in a trend display.

Fig. 02

The PDF document available for downloading describes the main configuration steps for creating the relevant

  • Archives
  • Tags
  • Text lists
  • Screens
  • Scripts

Please refer to the attached project for details.

The attached download contains the archived WinCC flexible projects with the functions described in the document.


Contents of the downloads


WinCC flexible long-term archiving
(1312 KB)
Project MP 277 Touch / PC Runtime
(5965 KB)

Runnability and test environment:
The following table lists the components that have been used to create this entry and verify the function described.

Component Product and version designation
PC operating system Microsoft Windows XP SP3
HMI software WinCC flexible 2008 SP2 Update 3
HMI system MP277 Touch and PC Runtime

Further Information

Long-term data archiving with WinCC Runtime PC and SIMATIC HMI operating units with WinCC (TIA Portal)

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