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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 4802374, Entry date: 09/04/1997

ET 200X Expansion to 6 Load Feeders

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Concerns products with the Catalog No.'s:                                   


6ES7141-1BF00-0XB0    ET200X: Basic module BM141, 8DI                       

6ES7142-1BD10-0XB0    ET200X: Basic module BM142 4DO/2A                     

6ES7141-1BD30-0XA0    ET200X: Expansion module EM141, 4DI                   

6ES7142-1BD40-0XA0    ET200X: Expansion module EM142,4DO/2A                 

6ES7141-1BF30-0XA0    ET200X: Expansion module EM141, 8DI                   



The number of load feeders that can be connected to an ET 200X distributed  

I/O station has been increased. In contrast to the information in the       

manual, up to 6 load feeders can now be connected to one basic module.      

The max. configuration per station remains 7 expansion modules (sum of all  

expansion modules incl. load feeders).                                      


This applies to basic and expansion modules with revision level 3 and higher

and to load feeders with production state G/9704 and higher.                




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