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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 4802941, Entry date: 11/16/1999

ET 200S New Components and New Revision Levels

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Concerns products with the Catalog No.'s:                                   


6ES7 131-4BD00-0AA0    ET 200S 4DI standard 24 V DC                         

6ES7 132-4BD00-0AA0    ET 200S 4DO 24 V/0.5 A DC                            

6ES7 132-4BD30-0AA0    ET 200S 4DO standard 24 V/2 A DC                     

6ES7 151-1AA00-0AB0    ET 200S interface module IM 151, previous            

6ES7 151-1AA01-0AB0    ET 200S interface module IM 151, new                 

6ES7 151-1AB00-0AB0    ET 200S interface module IM 151 FO, new              

6ES7 138-4DB00-0AB0    SSI module, new revision level 3                     

6ES7 132-4HB00-0AB0    Relay module, new revision level 2                   



The above new ET 200S electronic modules and the IM 151 FO interface module 

with integrated FO port are now available. The IM 151 (RS 485) has been     

given a new catalog no.; the SSI module and the relay module have new       

revision levels.                                                            


4-channel digital 24 V DC electronic modules in standard version:           


The new modules offer:                                                      

- Lower space requirement because the dimensions are the same as those of   

  the 2-channel modules.                                                    

- Cost reduction because of higher packing density.                         

- 4-channel output module with 2 A per channel.                             

- High total current permitted at 4 A and 60 deg. C (simultaneity factor).  

- All terminal modules can be employed, depending on the type of connection 


- 3-wire connection of sensors under preparation.                           

- Other technical specifications are identical to those of the 2-channel    

  standard modules.                                                         


Important: All 4-channel electronic modules are supplied in package quanti- 

           ties of 5 pieces per catalog no.                                 


The terminal assignment depends on the terminal module chosen.              

(x=S => screw terminals, x=C => spring-loaded terminals):                   


TM-E15x23-01 terminal modules (for single-wire connection): 4DI  4DO        

Terminal 1: signal DI1 signal DO1                                           

Terminal 2: signal DI3 signal DO3                                           

Terminal 3: +24 V DC  earth                                                 

Terminal 5: signal DI2 signal DO2                                           

Terminal 6: signal DI4 signal DO4                                           

Terminal 7: +24 V DC  earth                                                 


TM-E15x24-01 terminal modules (for 2-wire connection): 4DI  4DO             

Terminal 1: signal DI1 signal DO1                                           

Terminal 2: signal DI3 signal DO3                                           

Terminal 3: +24 V DC  earth                                                 

Terminal 4: +24 V DC  earth                                                 

Terminal 5: signal DI2 signal DO2                                           

Terminal 6: signal DI4 signal DO4                                           

Terminal 7: +24 V DC  earth                                                 

Terminal 8: +24 V DC  earth                                                 


TM-E15x24-A1 terminal modules (temporary solution for 3-wire connection     

until the universal terminal module becomes available): 4DI  4DO            

Terminal 1: signal DI1 signal DO1                                           

Terminal 2: signal DI3 signal DO3                                           

Terminal 3: 2x+24 V DC 2x earth                                             

Terminal 4: AUX1(2x earth) AUX1(2x PE)                                      

Terminal 5: signal DI2 signal DO2                                           

Terminal 6: signal DI4 signal DO4                                           

Terminal 7: +24 V DC  earth                                                 

Terminal 8: AUX1 (e.g. earth) AUX1 (e.g. PE)                                


- Use the 4-channel digital module with a TM-E15S24-A1 or TM-E15C24-A1      

  terminal module.                                                          

- Separate the digital outputs and digital inputs by a power module with    

  TM-P15S23-A0 or TM-P15C23-A0.                                             

- With a supply group of the digital inputs connect earth of the TM-P to    

  the AUX1 bar (terminal 4,8).                                              

- With a supply group of the digital outputs connect protective earth of    

  the TM-P to the AUX1 bar (terminal 4,8).                                  


IM 151 and IM 151 FO interface modules:                                     


The performance of the IM 151 and IM 151 FO has been improved for extremely 

time-critical applications in the wood industry, in continuous machines and 

in high-speed controls. The HOT SWAPPING function has been released at the  

same time.                                                                  


As a result, the IM 151 (RS 485) interface module has been given the new    

catalog no. 6ES7 151-1AA01-0AB0. The previous version is no longer avail-   

able. Existing modules can be upgraded at a charge.                         


The new IM 151 FO interface module has the same technical specifications as 

the IM 151 (RS 485) module, but the connection to PROFIBUS DP is via a      

fiber-optic cable and 4 Simplex connectors. Assembly is very simple. The    

max. distance between two stations is 50 m for plastic FOCs and 300 m for   

PCF FOCs. The other technical specifications and the FO connection are iden-

tical to those of the corresponding IM 153-2FO module. FO connectors must   

be ordered separately. One set contains 50 connector adapters with 100 Sim- 

plex connectors, sufficient for 25 stations of the ET 200S IM 151 FO inter- 

face module.                                                                


New operating mode and revision level 3 of the SSI submodule:               


Again for extremly time-critical applications, the SSI submodule now has    

the additional operating mode Fast Mode. In this operating mode only the    

transducer value plus the following status bits will be transmitted:        


SF:         Group error                                                     

UP:         Foreward direction                                              

Down:       Reverse direction                                               

Error code: For parameterization errors, transducer short circuit,          

            transducer error                                                

BB:         Module ready to operate                                         

DI:         Status of the digital input                                     


The new operating mode can be selected by means of a separate entry in the  

module selection list of the configuration tool.                            


No upgrade is available.                                                    


Relay module with galvanic isolation, new revision level 2:                 


With revision level 2 and higher the relay module has galvanic isolation    

between contacts. No upgrade is available.                                  


Integration of ET 200S in STEP 7 V5.0 and higher with service pack SP3:     


The full inclusion in STEP 7 lets the user work intuitively, because he can 

use the working steps he is used to. The standard input elements of STEP 7  

and Windows are available for this purpose. Compared to the configuration   

with a GSD file, work is quicker, a better overview is provided and confi-  

guration errors are avoided by the use of testing routines. In view of the  

fact that stations configured with GSD files can only be changed via GSD    

files, the configuration must be newly done if the advantages of ET 200S    

integrated in STEP 7 are to be used for these stations.                     


Summary of the advantages of ET 200S integrated in STEP 7:                  


- Modules are no longer listed twice in the hardware selection list if      

  they require more than 1 byte of address area.                            

- Configurations and slot allocations are checked:                          

    - Max. station design up to 64 modules (incl. IM 151).                  

    - Max. 244 bytes of parameters per station.                             

    - Max. address area 128 bytes each for inputs and outputs.              

    - Existence of power module PM-E or PM-D where necessary.               

    - Correct power module with the right voltage range.                    

    - Consistency of the module parameters.                                 

    - If the reference temperature is used the necessary configuration      

      and parameterization is checked.                                      

- Improved Tree View parameterization user interface.                       

- Copy, insert and erase functions for individual modules, groups of        

  modules, or stations, including the parameters for easy handling.         

- Dubbing in of byte and bit addresses for each module in detail view.      

- Inclusion of the byte and bit addresses for each module in the printing   


- Simple packing function to pack addresses either via the complete station 

  or via marked areas within a station.                                     

- Integrated help functions for packing and addressing.                     


More improvements will follow soon.                                         


Your SIMATIC contact at your local Siemens office will answer any further   

questions you may have.                                                     




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