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Gauge Controls for Basic Panels

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The following application example provides gauge controls that can be used for the Basic Panels. Gauge controls are dynamic display objects that can display numeric values with the aid of the pointer.

These gauge controls are not actual controls like the ones that are offered, for example, for the Multi Panels or Comfort Panels. It is a library that was created based on a "graphic I/O field". 


Gauge Controls for Basic Panels in TIA Portal

Fig. 01


  • WinCC V13 SP1
    The download for WinCC "Library for WinCC V13 SP1" is available in the section "Clarity" in
    entry ID 106226404
    The library contains gauge controls with a scale of 0..100 as well as with a free scale, each in three styles and in two different sizes (see Fig. 01).

  • WinCC V10.5
    The download can be used in all versions of TIA Portal. For versions higher than 10.5 the automatic upgrade of the library is to be used.
    The library contains the gauge controls in the same design as for WinCC flexible (see Fig. 02).
     Registrierung notwendig  Library for WinCC V10.5 (21,2 MB)

Configuration instructions

The documentation on the gauge controls in WinCC (Tia Portal) can be found in entry ID 106226404 in the section "Clarity" under "Documentation" in the chapter "Gauge Controls for Basic Panels".


Gauge Controls for Basic Panels in WinCC flexible 2008

Fig. 02


Configuration instructions

Please follow the instructions to integrate the gauge controls into your WinCC flexible project.
No. Procedure
1 Load the below library.

Open the library in WinCC flexible.

3  Use drag & drop to move the desired object to the configured picture.

Configuration tip
The created gauge controls can display only 100 values and thus mostly serve as a percentage display. This can be remedied by linear scaling of tags. Linear scaling enables you to adjust the range of values of external tags to the requirements of the configuration.  

Further Information 
Entry ID91174767 provides further information on the use of the styles which have been used as a basis for the gauge controls in the first chapter.

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