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Why are the inputs of the driver block in the CFC chart no longer interconnected after replacing a HART analog module?

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If you replace a HART analog module "6ES7 33x-xTF00-0AB0" with a module "6ES7 33x-xTF01-0AB0" with firmware V3.0 or do a firmware upgrade for the HART analog module "6ES7 33x-xTF00-0AB0", you get the new functions listed below.

  • HART fast mode
  • Support of the HART specification up to Revision 7
  • User calibration

When you replace the module in the Hardware Configuration, after compiling the CFC charts (the "Create module driver" function is enabled) the inputs "Mode, MS, DataXchg" of the relevant driver blocks (Pcs7AnIn, Pcs7AnOut, CH_AI, CH_AO, ...) are no longer connected. If you do not want to use the new functions yet, you do not have to change the Hardware Configuration.

Proceed as follows to ensure that the interconnections can be made correctly again by the Driver Wizard.


  • Replace the old HART analog module with the current version in the Hardware Configuration.
  • Delete the HART field devices from the analog module. The configuration of the PDM devices is retained. You can call this in the process devices plant view ("View > Process Devices Plant View").
  • Add a HART field device of the current module and double-click that entry.
  • In the "Add SIMATIC PDM 'HART device' Object(s)" dialog you click the "Select object..." button.
  • In the "Select" dialog (Fig. 01) you select the field device that has already been configured. Make sure that the "Process Devices Plant View" option is selected for "View".
  • Compile the Hardware Configuration and the CFC charts. Enable the "Create module driver" option.

Fig. 01: Selecting the available PDM device

The configuration of the HART analog module with the associated HART field device ensures that the interconnection is done correctly again.

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The pictures in this FAQ were created with PCS 7 V7.1 SP1.

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