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SIMATIC S7-F/P Press Safety Blocks

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Press safety package for all SIMATIC S7-Failsafe Controller. Full functionality for mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic and servopresses. Available since Distributed Safety V5.4 or since TIA Portal V14. New since SIMATIC S7 F/P V15.0.1 (TIA Portal V15) is the full scalability through all SIMATIC F-Controller Incl. S7-1200F and Software Controller of S7-1500F

It is the function of a press safety controller to provide machine- and personal safety up to safety category SIL 3 (DIN EN 62061) or Performance Level e (EN ISO 13849-1). The safety functions include two-hand engaging, safe cam monitoring, light curtain in protected and step mode, valve monitoring, stop in TDC and more.

The fail-safe function block library SIMATIC S7-F/P was developed in a modular fashion to allow for building a safety program that can be individually tailored to a specific press. The press safety function blocks in the SIMATIC S7-F/P library are fail-safe function- and data blocks for mechanical and hydraulic presses in the Distributed Safety software. They are certified by the German safety organization “Berufsgenossenschaft” and can be run on the fail-safe controllers of the SIMATIC S7-F CPU family.

The Press Safety package includes the function block library together with corresponding function block descriptions and one STEP 7 project as application example each for mechanical presses, hydraulic presses, and servo presses, along with the corresponding application manual for each press type.


Furthermore, safety functionality of pneumatic presses or hydraulic press brakes can also be implemented.

The function blocks are certified to conform to the following standards:

  • DIN EN 62061 (up to SIL3)
  • EN ISO 13849-1 (up to PL e)
  • DIN EN 692 "Mechanical Presses-Safety"
  • DIN EN 693 "Machine Tools-Safety-Hydraulic Presses"
  • DIN EN 12622 "Safety of Machine Tools - Hydraulic Press Brakes"
  • DIN EN 13736 "Safety of Machine Tools - Pneumatic Presses"


An overview of the available safety functions:

  • Mode select 1 of n, 2 of 6, or up to 8 via button
  • Emergency-Stop / Emergency-Stop with restart inhibit
  • Safety door with locking mechanism
  • Safety door monitoring with restart inhibit
  • 2-Hand / 2-Hand pluggable
  • 2 out of 2 evaluation
  • Foot switch / Foot switch pluggable
  • Light curtain/AOPD (active optoelectronic protection device) in safety and clock mode
  • Damping the brake of mechanical presses
  • Speed monitor (shaft break monitoring) with proximity switch and toothed gear or safe encoder
  • Dynamic valve monitoring
  • Fault handling
  • Enable 1-man functions
  • Enable multi-operator functions
  • Software-cam switch gear for excenter presses
  • Dynamic TDC stop and shut off when ram overloaded
  • Cam monitoring of a mechanical cam switch gear at excenter presses
  • Valve monitoring of feedback by runtime and discrepancy
  • Controlling and monitoring of contractors and valves
  • Monitoring of Cartridge-valves
  • Controlling of press safety valves for mechanical presses
  • Controlling of press safety valves for hydraulic presses
  • Overtravel monitoring
  • 3-steps enable-buttons
  • Brake test of a servo press
  • Safe setting-up operation and single-stroke operation of a servo press

The standard functionality of the S7-controllers can still be used without any restrictions. It is not necessary to operate a separate safety controller, but separate installation of standard and safety controller is possible as well.


  • Significantly reduced engineering time by using parameterizable function blocks
  • Significantly reduced costs during machine prototype technical release because of using certificated function blocks
  • Solution is already widely used in the field (type approvals)
  • Only one press controller for standard and safety program

This application example (82605334) allows you to simulate the SIMATIC Simapress application in combination with the SIMATIC S7-F/P Press Safety Blocks using PLCSIM Advanced, SIMIT and NX Mechatronics Concept Designer (MCD). Therefore, the MCD Model consists of a mechanical flywheel press and simulates it's kinematics. Furthermore, a SIMIT model is provided to simulate the behavior model for this machine setup and PLCSIM Advanced is used to emulate a SIMATIC S7-1500 controller. The PLCSIM Advanced instance runs the corresponding example project for SIMATIC Simapress. This setup allows a virtual commissioning of the digital twin.

For providing the MCD/SIMIT projects, as well as manual and screencast, please contact your Siemens contact person.
Contacts worldwide

Every customer must initially purchase a starting license. For each subsequent CPU that runs the function blocks, a separate machine license must be purchased.

To order the blocks please use the following MLFB's:

SIMATIC S7-F/P V1.2 (Distributed Safety) 

Product No.

machine license

6AU1837 0EA10 0AX2


SIMATIC S7-F/P V2.0.X (Distributed Safety) 

Product No.

first license

6AU1837 0EA10 0DX1

machine license

6AU1837 0EA10 0DX2

upgrade license (advanced) 
6AU1837 0EA10 0EX1

SIMATIC S7-F/P V13 (TIA Portal) 

Product No.

basic - first license


advanced - first license

6AU1837 0EA10 0GX1

machine license

6AU1837 0EA10 0GX2

upgrade license (Basic)6AU1837 0EA10 0EX2

The upgrade license (Advanced), is a more favourable option than the Advanced - First license, if you have already a first license V2.0.X (6AU1837 0EA10 0DX1).
The upgrade license (Basic) is a more favourable option than the Advanced - First license, if you have already a Basic - First license.
Techn. support, hotline and IBS-support are not included in the price.

If you are interested, please contact your local sales partner.
Contacts worldwide
or Siemens partner:

 Flyer 01/2017 (204,9 KB)
 TIA slides 09/2018 (7,5 MB)
 Distributed Safety slides 01/2017 (1,7 MB)  

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