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Customizing WinCC Controls

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Customizing WinCC controls according to individual requirements is frequently required. Touch screen operation can be taken as an example, where the standard control buttons are too small to be operated on the touch screen without any auxiliary means.
Additionally, it is often desirable to customize the appearance of the controls to the individual project layout.

This entry facilitates the customization of WinCC controls through a configuration example. You thus have the option to customize the following properties of the controls:

  • Buttons (size and layout)
  • Grids, e.g. in AlarmControl (individual icons, also dependent on values)
  • Scrollbar (style)


Content of Downloads


Configuration example of the customization of controls.
48398362_WinCC_Control_customizing_en.pdf ( 17009 KB )
Sample project for WinCC. Some customization options are shown as an example. (Customized icons are required.)
48398362_ProjectCustomizedControls.zip ( 46646 KB )
Customized icons as an example of an individual layout.
48398362_Customizing.zip ( 429 KB )
Original icons to be used as template for an individual layout.
48398362_OriginalIcons.zip ( 465 KB )

Last Change
New version WinCC 7.2

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AlarmControl, OnlineTableControl, FunctionTrendControl, OnlineTrendControl, RulerControl, scroll bar, button, images, icons

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