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How do you perform comprehensive diagnostics in PCS 7 and WinCC plants?

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Modern automated production plants are characterized on the one hand by a growing complexity and networking and on the other hand by increasing dynamics due to frequent changes of product and random faults. The aim of this diagnostics concept is to sustain the diagnostics options for PCS 7 and WinCC plants through preventive measures.

Establishment of a comprehensive diagnostics concept for PCS 7 and WinCC plants which permits simpler and structured diagnostics of complex systems. Furthermore, automated and uniform diagnostics is necessary to improve the quality and comparability of the diagnostics results.

The advantages of this diagnostics concept are:

  • Standardized and automatic acquisition of diagnostics data
  • Permanent and comprehensive diagnostics
  • Integration of the diagnostics tool without causing interference of production operations
  • The diagnostics data is available as soon as an event occurs
  • Diagnostics of the Windows process level

Diagram of the diagnostics options
The figure shows the tools to be configured.

Fig. 01


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Extended Diagnostics in PCS 7 and WinCC Plants
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Templates (Performance Monitor)
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