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SINAMICS S110/S120: CAN Bus EDS files for Control Units

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EDS file for CAN for SINAMICS S110/S120.

This is required to operate  SINAMICS as a node on a CAN bus and announce the device to the configuration tool. The tools usually provide the relevant import functions.

SINAMICS G120 EDS-files see Entry-ID: 48351511.

CAN bus EDS files for SINAMICS S110/S120 Control Units
DesignationArticle numberFirmwareSuitable GSD file
S110 CU305 CAN6SL3040-0JA02-0AA0from V4.4 Registrierung notwendig  SINAMICS_S110_V44SP3.zip (4,3 KB) 
S120 mit CBC10CBC10: 6SL3055-0AA00-2CA0from V4.8 Registrierung notwendig  SINAMICS_S120_V48.zip (29,6 KB) 
V4.7 Registrierung notwendig  sinamics_s120_v47.zip (29,7 KB) 
V4.6 Registrierung notwendig  sinamics_s120_v46.zip (28,0 KB) 
from V2.5
up to V4.5
 Registrierung notwendig  sinamics_s120.eds (273,7 KB)

Please observe the following note if you have any problems when starting up SINAMICS with Firmware together with a CAN master:

The default value of the CANopen object 1000 hex "Device Type" is missing in the device description files (EDS file). As a result, a controller may lead to a fault and the startup may fail when uploading the object and comparing it with the value in the EDS file.

As the EDS files are pure test files, the user can add the following line in the entry for the CANopen object 1000 hex using the text editor:

EDS file Line to be inserted (example see below)
SINAMICS_S110.eds DefaultValue=0x00020192
SINAMICS_S120.eds: > 1 axis (servo or vektor) DefaultValue=0x0FFF0192
SINAMICS_S120.eds: 1 axis servo DefaultValue=0x00020192
SINAMICS_S120.eds: 1 axis vektor DefaultValue=0x00020192


Entry of the CANopen object 1000h in an EDS for S110/S120.

ParameterName=Device Type

SINAMICS S120 see also: 45308305.

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