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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 4891504, Entry date: 07/24/2000

840D Release for general availability MMC 100.2 SW 5.3 (05.03.12)

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The improved MMC 100.2 system software and the programming package for      

software release 5.3 (version 05.03.12) for SINUMERIK 810D/DE/840D/DE have  

been released for general availability and are, effective immediately,      

available from the plant. The software is supplied on the MMC 100.2         

hardware or on data medium.                                                 


The "Operator units management" option has also been released (in           

conjunction with NCU system software 5.3 and toolbox 5.3).                  



Components which have been released:                                        



MMC 100.2 hardware with MMC 100.2 system software                           

                                               6FC5210-0DA00-1AA1  05.03.12 


MMC 100.2 WIN32 configuring package on floppy disks                         

                             single license    6FC5253-5AX50-3AB0  05.03.12 

                             update            6FC5253-5AX50-3AB3  05.03.12 


MMC 100.2 system software                                                   

on CD-ROM                    single license    6FC5253-5AX00-3AG0  05.03.12 

   ö                         update            6FC5253-5AX00-3AG3  05.03.12 


   +-Patch MMC 100.2                                    05.01.45            

   +-MPI Installshield installation for MPI on PC                           

   +-System software 4.4 En/Ge                                              

     +- MMC 100(real mode)                              04.04.13 + 04.04.22 

     +- MMC 100.2(protected mode)                       04.04.13 + 04.04.22 

   +-Language extensions SW 4.4 Fr/It/Sp                                    

     +- MMC 100                                         04.04.14 + 04.04.22 

     +- MMC 100.2                                       04.04.14 + 04.04.22 

   +-System software 5.1, 5 languages                                       

     +- MMC 100.2 (protected mode)                      05.01.41            

     +- MMC WIN32                                       05.01.41            

     +- commissioning instructions, Section IM1 (pdf)                       

   +-System software 5.2, 5 languages                                       

     +- MMC 100.2 (protected mode)                      05.02.07            

     +- MMC WIN32                                       05.02.07            

     ö  including keyboard driver                                           

     +- commissioning instructions, Section IM1 and BE1 (pdf)               

   +-System software 5.3, 5 languages                                       

     +- MMC 100.2 (protected mode)                      05.03.12            

     +- MMC WIN32                                       05.03.12            

     ö  including keyboard driver                                           

     +- cycle support                                   05.03.08            

     +- commissioning instructions, Section IM1 (pdf)                       


Operator unit management (option)             6FC5253-0AE03-0AA0            

   This option can be purchased for each MMC/PCU which is integrated in     

   the "Active/passive crowding" mechanism. The option has no machine data; 

   but instead, has an entry in the NETNAMES.INI file and is activated      

   corresponding to the documentation for operator unit management.         



- Screen languages:                                                         

  The system floppy disks have English as foreground language and German    

  as background language. The application floppy disks, from software       

  release 5.1 onwards, include German, English, French, Italian and         

  Spanish which can be toggled between for the foreground and/or background 


  The language floppy disks, SW 4.4 are included in a separate directory.   

- MMC 100.2 hardware, Order No. ÄMLFBÜ 6FC5210-0DA00-1AA1 will be changed-  

  over from SW 4.4(V04.04.22)to SW 5.3 (V05.03.12) and supplied ex-factory. 

- When ordering the "current software release" Order No. ÄMLFBÜ 6FC5253-    

  0AX00-0AB0, the CD-ROM, Order No. ÄMLFBÜ 6FC5253-5AX00-3AG0 will be       

  supplied; for Order No. ÄMLFBÜ 6FC5253-0AX50-0AB0, the set of             

  floppy disks 6FC5253-5AX50-3AB0.                                          

- The software update service will be supplied with the various updates.    



New functions / function improvements from SW 5.2 to SW 5.3                 



Basic system:                                                               


- The MMC 100.2 has been prepared for the extended functionality M:N        

  (up to 8:8). The "Operator unit management" option includes the           

  necessary active/passive crowding mechanisms.                             

- Expansions for "Supplement operator interface":                           

  Displays can now be selected from the PLC, which were generated with      

  "Supplement operator interface".                                          

- In displays, which were generated with "Supplement operator interface",   

  bitmaps can be linked-in without first having to be converted.            

    * Bitmap decompressed on FEPROM (for WIN32 decompressed on the          


    * Bitmap compressed in CST.ARJ (for Wizard standard cycles displays)    

    * Bitmap compressed in CUS.ARJ (for Wizard customer cycles displays)    

- Editor: A jump can be made to the start of the file to be edited with     

  "CTRL+POS1" and to the end with "CTRL+END".                               


Operator area, machine:                                                     


- The master spindle is now automatically displayed                         

- Override display: For G0, the rapid traverse override is displayed in     

  the basic machine display, otherwise the feed override                    

- Inch/mm softkey: This softkey is only displayed in the NC operating       

  modes if MD $MN_CONVERT_SCALING_SYSTEM, is not equal to 0                 


Operator area, parameters:                                                  


- Access protection on the softkey basis shift is now possible              

  (this involves the "Basis zero offset" and "Set actual value" softkeys)   

- It is possible to toggle between the tool manager                         

  "Standard MMC 100.2" and "ShopMill"                                       

  using the display MD MM_TM_KIND_OF_TOOLMANAGEMENT.                        

- MMC 100.2 standard tool manager: The number of possible magazines         

  has been increased from 4 to 30                                           

- The cursor memory is now also effective in the R parameter dialog         

- Cutting parameters 24 and 25 are now also compatible with ShopMill        


Operator area, program:                                                     


- GUDs and MACs can now be edited in conformance with MMC 103;              

  however, it is not possible to merge actual GUD values                    

- Expanded contour computer: The individual contour elements of a           

  step chain can be displayed as text (as before) and new, as               

  icon. This is selected via MD $MM_PROGRAM_SETTINGS bit 3.                 


Operator area, diagnostics:                                                 


- "Set time" is now in conformance with MMC 103, also cyclic                

  synchronization with the PLC time                                         

- "Percentage utilization display" is now in conformance with MMC 103       


Operator area, 3D simulation:                                               


- The operator area name has been changed from "Graphics" to "3D-Sim."      






The HLA module can be operated with MMC 100.2 from SW 5.3 onwards. When     

commissioning the HLA/ANA drive, the limitations                            

MMC-D_ERLde33526,.27,.28,.30,.31 and .33 must be observed.                  

Please contact your local Siemens department.                               






MMC 100.2 SW 05.03.12 can be combined with the 840D NCU software 4.x        

and 5.x or the 810D software 2.x and 3.x.                                   



Upgrade instructions:                                                       



The upgrade instructions for MMC 100.2 (installation instructions for       

MMCWIN32) are included on the CD-ROM as "siemensd.txt" file in German and   

as "siemense.txt" in English, in the directory "sw_5_3/mmc100_2/disk01      

(or "sw_5_3/mmcwin32/disk01).                                               


In case you require more information, please contact your local Siemens     


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