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How do you incorporate self-created graphics for you GSD file in STEP 7 V5.5?

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Before you install the GSD file (device master file) for your hardware catalog in STEP 7 V5.5, you also have the option of incorporating self-created graphics as bitmap files. These graphics are then displayed in the hardware configuration instead of the original graphics for your slave.

  1. Create your graphics. We recommend you use the 70 x 40 pixel conventions for a better overview in the HW Config.
  2. Assign your graphics names with a maximum of 8 characters and save the files as bitmap files (".bmp").

Example: XXXXXXXX.bmp

  • X stands for a character or letter.
  1. Open the Windows Explorer and save the bitmap file in the following folder:
  2. Open the GSD file with the editor. For this you right-click the GSD file and in the pop-up menu you select the menu command "Open with... > Editor".
  3. In the editor you use the search function ("Edit > Find...") to find the "Bitmap_Device" instruction.
  4. Delete the name of the original bitmap file between the quote marks and enter the new name of your bitmap file, as shown in Fig. 01 Bitmap_Device="Test_N", for example. You must not specify the suffix ".bmp".

Fig. 01

If the "Bitmap_Device" instruction is not in the GSD file, then search for the "24V_Pins = 0" instruction and enter the "Bitmap_Device=XXXXXXXX" instruction in a new line under it.

  1. In the HW Config you execute the menu command "Tools > Install GSD files...".
  2. In the "Install GSD Files" dialog you use the "Browse..." button to navigate to the file where you saved the GSD file.
  3. Install the GSD file by marking the GSD file and clicking the "Install" button. Then close the dialog box.

Fig. 02

  1. Now execute the "Options > Update Catalog" menu command in the HW Config.

Now, when you insert the associated slave into your hardware configuration from the hardware catalog, the slave is displayed with the graphics you created.

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The screens in this FAQ response were created with STEP 7 V5.5+SP2.

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