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MicroSAM Software Upgrade Version 3.10.1

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MicroSAM Software 3.10 contains several enhancements and corrections that will meet the demands due to a one-time report.

The packed archive contains following software:

  • MicroSAM Control Software (CD1) and Processing Software (CD2). Those include S19Download (V15_0001), Remote Flasher (V 1.05.10), Remote IP Configurator, Maxum Workstation Patch, Processing Software.
  • Software for the MicroSAM: for the RSP board (RSPV14024_BFX.S19) and for the CAC board (CELO-1.15.03.BIN and SAM3.10.02.bin).
To install: Download and decompress MicroSAM_3.10.1.zip to upgrade a PC directly or to make two CD's.

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 MicroSAM_3_10_1.zip ( 33160 KB )