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MICROMASTER 4 (MM4), SINAMICS G120 (CU 2x0x): Integrating a G120 or MM4 in a STEP 7 V11 (TIA Portal)

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This FAQ applies to MICROMASTER 4 and SINAMICS G120.

How can I integrate a G120 or MM4 in a STEP 7 V11 (TIA Portal)?

Frequency converters and servo drives can be integrated into a STEP7 V11 project using the PROFIBUS / PROFINET “General Station Description (GSD)”.

The most important GSDs for SINAMICS and MICROMASTER drives are already included in STEP7 V11 Professional.

You will find SINAMICS and MICROMASTER GSDs in STEP7 V11 Professional hardware catalogue under “Standard field devices / PROFINET IO / Drives / Siemens AG” respectively under “Standard field devices / PROFIBUS DP / Drives / Siemens AG”.


If the required device is not included within the STEP7 hardware catalogue you need to import the GSD first. This can be done with the following procedure:

  1. Download GSD from Siemens Customer Support web site http://support.automation.siemens.com (product support) and extract GSD files to a folder at your computer. Current SINAMICS drives also have the GSD stored within the device. Please refer to the device documentation.
  2. Select “Options / Install general station description file (GSD)” at STEP7 main menu.
  3. Select source path where the GSD files are stored at your computer in subsequent STEP7 dialog. The available GSD files within the selected folder are displayed for selection.


  1. Select one or several GSD files and proceed with the “Install” button.
  2. An info box is displayed to make you aware that a restart of the TIA Portal is necessary after import of the GSD files. Please acknowledge with “OK” once you agree to this.
  3. The TIA Portal will update the hardware catalogue after restart. You will find the imported devices within hardware catalogue under the path “Standard field devices”.
  4. Telegram selection can be done from filtered hardware catalogue in the device view of the “Devices & networks” editor. Drag & drop the selected telegram from the hardware catalogue to the “Device overview” table of the “Devices & networks” editor.



The parameter assignment and commissioning of the SINAMICS or MICROMASTER drive can be done with the commissioning tool STARTER.

STARTER can be installed in parallel to TIA Portal and STEP7 on the same partition of your computer.

It is required to connect the computer with the STARTER installation either to the same PROFIBUS or PROFINET subnet or to the local point-to-point interface of the drive.

Routing through S7-CPUs is not supported.


  •   FAQ: "How Can You Integrate a Drive into the TIA Portal via the Device Master File (GSD)?"; Entry-ID: 73257075
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