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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 49232754, Entry date: 03/29/2011

Delivery release SCALANCE M873 UMTS router

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The SCALANCE M873 UMTS router is released by I IA SC IC for delivery without restrictions and is now available ex stock.


1. Product description


With the SCALANCE M873 UMTS router, IP-based communication can be transmitted wirelessly and cost-effectively from Ethernet-based PLCs via the UMTS mobile network. The device supports HSDPA (High Speed Downlink Packet Access) and thus high transmission rates of up to 7.2 Mbit/s (depending on the provider). If UMTS is not available, the data can be transmitted via the GSM mobile network using EGPRS (Edge) and GPRS (General Packet Radio Service).

Using the SCALANCE M873 UMTS router, plant units distributed throughout the world can be accessed by means of IP-based communication and it is suitable for use in telecontrol systems, e.g. SINAUT ST7, or for remote programming or remote diagnostics.




2. Ordering data

Product name Order number
SCALANCE M873 6GK5873-0AA10-1AA2



3. Intended use


The SCALANCE M873 can be used in industrial and semi-industrial applications:

  ·   Worldwide remote programming and maintenance, e.g. with STEP 7, via the high-speed UMTS interface
·   Connection of mobile stations with central monitoring and control
·   Implementation of energy-saving concepts in distributed plants, e.g. by means of condition-based speed control of pumps in remote stations
·   Control and monitoring of
    -    Sewage and wastewater treatment plants
    -    Oil and gas supply
    -    District heating networks
    -    Power distribution
    -    Pump stations
    -    Transportation systems
    -    Buildings
     -    Wind energy and photovoltaic solar power plants
·   Connection of telecontrol sub-stations (e.g. SINAUT ST7) to the control center via UMTS


  4. Customer benefits

·   Low investment and operating costs for monitoring and controlling of wirelessly connected telecontrol sub-stations
·   Reduction of travel expenses or telephone charges due to remote programming and remote diagnostics via UMTS
·   User-friendly diagnostics via web interface
·   Short transmission times due to high transmission rate with HSDPA
·   IT security by means of integrated firewall
·   Utilization of the existing UMTS/GSM infrastructure of mobile communications providers
·   Simple planning and commissioning of telecontrol sub-stations without special radio expertise
·   Can be used worldwide due to
     -      UMTS: Tri-band technology
     -      GSM: Quad-band technology
     -      Country-specific approvals must be observed!


5. Miscellaneous


An approval in the respective country is required for operation of the SCALANCE M873 UMTS router. The current status of the country approvals can be found here  .



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