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CANopen Module from HMS available for ET 200S

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A CANopen module for the ET200S system is now available from the HMS company. Please note the information below concerning ordering and support.

A CANopen module (1 SI CANopen) for use in the ET200S system is now available from the HMS company.

This module can be used both in distributed configurations in conjunction with PROFIBUS and PROFINET and in central configurations together with a ET 200S CPU. Suitable GSD files and an HSP package are also available.

A list of permitted terminal modules on which the 1 SI CANopen module can be operated is provided in the user manual.

Please bear in mind, however, that the module cannot be run together with the ET 200S COMPACT or the BASIC interface module of the ET 200S. The currently released order numbers of the ET 200S interface modules are listed in the user manual.

The module can be run both as Master and as Slave. It complies with the CANopen specifications DS301rev. 4.2 (Slave) and DSP302, Part 1-5 (Master). It supports the transparent CAN 2.0A Standard (11 bit Identifier). When operated as master, up to 126 slaves, e.g. valves or drives, can be connected to the module.

Function blocks are available for the operation with SIMATIC; they are available for download from the Internet page referenced below.

The CAN bus can be configured via any commercially available CAN configuration tool. The HMS company also offers a suitable software. The configuration is saved directly on the module by means of a point-to-point connection. Routing via PROFIBUS / PROFINET is not possible.

The module is also available in a SIPLUS version for use under extreme ambient conditions, as may be encountered on outdoor vehicles, for instance.

Typical applications:

CANopen is a widely used industrial bus system for many different applications. The 1 SI CANopen module brings CANopen connectivity to the SIMATIC ET200S distributed I/O system.

  • Control of hydraulic valves / hydraulic axes in vehicles.
  • Control of motors in packaging machines or conveyors.
  • For use in wind power plants for capturing angular encoder positions.
  • Capturing of control devices on machines, e.g. joysticks.
  • Capturing the measured data of path encoders, inclinometers or angular encoders, e.g. for tower cranes and gantry cranes.

Further information:

More information on the module is available on the Internet at:


Here you will also find the User Manual, the HSP, a link to the GSD files and the function blocks for SIMATIC.

Ordering and Support:

Please bear in mind that orders for the module must be placed exclusively with the HMS company; the same goes for product support. If you have questions on the module please contact HMS directly. The relevant contact data are provided on the Internet page www.hms-networks.com/can-for-et200s.  




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