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Which devices and modules are supported by STEP 7 Professional and WinCC Professional in the TIA Portal?

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Compatibility Tool
Compatibility information for STEP 7 is available in the Compatibility Tool of the Industry Online Support.
It is designed to support you in questions of the compatibility of various SIMATIC software products.
The database is constantly being revised and extended. In addition, you can use the tool centrally to download the compatibility lists of the separate product lines as Excel files.

We would appreciate your feedback on the new Compatibility Tool.
For this, please fill in and return the feedback form.

The table below contains the link to the Compatibility Tool and the feedback form.

Brief Instructions
To query the compatibility information you require, you must first choose a "master component" (WinCC, PCS 7, STEP 7, ...). To this "master component" you add more components (such as operating systems, virus scanners, other SIMATIC products, ...). Once you have chosen the components you require, you can have the compatibility list shown by clicking the "Show compatibility" button. A detailed description of the tool is available in the Online_Help.pdf file in the table below.



Link to Compatibility Tool
Feedback Form
Your feedback to help in the further development of the Compatibility Tool.

The list attached contains modules that are supported by a joint installation of STEP 7 Professional V11 and WinCC Professional V11.

STEP7_V11_Support_HW_List.pdf ( 91 KB )   

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