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Entry type: Application example Entry ID: 50207311, Entry date: 09/23/2013

SINAMICS S: Safety-control of a S120 using S7-300/400 (STEP 7 V5) with PROFINET (Shared Device) and Safety Integrated (via PROFIsafe)

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The PROFINET IO Shared Device functionality allows accessing an IO device from two IO controllers. Shared Device allows the flexible assignment of input and output data to two different IO controllers. This functionality is used to activate the drive-internal safety functions from one F-CPU. The setpoint speed is specified in parallel by a standard CPU.

This application example shows the activation of the safety functions STO, SS1, SOS and SLS via PROFINET with PROFIsafe on a distributed SINAMICS S120 drive. The PROFINET Shared Device functionality is used here, that means the SIMATIC CPU 315-2 PN/DP specifies the setpoint speed, and the CPU 317F-2 PN/DP activates the safety functions in the drive. The SINAMICS Control Unit is integrated via PROFINET as Shared Device in both IO controllers.

As from SINAMICS firmware V4.3 a drive can only be integrated as Shared Device in two IO-Controllers via a GSD-file. You have to care for the consistency of STARTER configuration and HW Config by your own, because the automatic alignment of the message frame configuration between STARTER and HW Config is not possible.

As from SINAMICS firmware V4.5 it is now possible to integrate a drive as Shared Device in two IO-Controllers via the Object Manager by using the hardware catalogue of STEP7. Therefor you can perform the automatic alignment of the message frame configuration between STARTER and HW Config, so the consistency is ensured.

In the following, documentation and sample project for configuring a Shared Device with GSD-file and Object Manager are respectively available for you.


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Shared Device Configuration via Object Manager
As from SINAMICS FW4.5 50207311_Application_Example_Shared_Device_V2_1_en.pdf ( 1878 KB )
Code 50207311_Example_Shared_Device_V2_0.zip ( 1107 KB )
Shared Device Configuration via GSD-File
As from SINAMICS FW4.3 50207311_Application_Example_Shared_Device_V1_2_en.pdf ( 1528 KB )
Code 50207311_Example_Shared_Device_V1_2.zip ( 1727 KB )

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