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Where do I find the UL/ULhaz approbations for SIPLUS extreme?

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6AG1 SIPLUS extreme: UL/ULhaz approbations

The list of SIPLUS extreme types with UL/ULhaz approbation is available at the following link UL website.

SIPLUS extreme devices are included in the UL files listed below (e.g. E120869).

UL files Application SIPLUS extreme families
E120869 Programmable Controllers for use in Ordinary Location S7-200, S7-1200, HMI and all types of the RAIL (6AG2*) product family
  • USL: UL508,UL61131-2
  • CNL: C22.2 No.142, UL61131-2
E239877 Programmable Controllers for use in Hazardous Location ET200M, ET200M-F, ET200S, ET200S-F,ET200SP, S7-300,
S7-300-F, S7-300 PS, S7-400,
S7-400H, S7-400 PS, NET,LOGO,ET 200MP, ET 200SP, S7-1500
  • USL: UL508
  • CNL: C22.2 No.142
E205089 Information Technology Equipment OSM ITP62, ESM ITP80
  • USL:UL60950-1,-21,-22,-23
  • CNL: C22.2
E229808 Power Conversion Equipment MM4
  • USL: UL508C,UL61800-5-1,
  • CNL: C22.2 No14
E322234 Power Circuit and Motor-mounted Apparatus LOGO PS, PS, PS modular,
S7-1200 PS
  • USL: UL508
  • CNL: C22.2 No14 and C22.2 No. 107.1

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