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Delivery Release for SIMATIC HMI KP8F PN

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SIMATIC HMI has expanded its product spectrum by the product line SIMATIC HMI Key Panels. The Key Panels KP8 PN and KP8F PN are the innovated successor units to the Push Button Panel  PP7 and are herewith released for delivery.

Two variants are available: one PROFINET and one PROFINET Safety variant, both with 8 large backlit keys.
8 I/O PINs are available on the rear side; these I/O PINs can be used to connect additional control elements.

The KeyPanels offer maximum flexibility with a small footprint at a very attractive price.


The new SIMATIC Key Panels KP8 PN and KP8F PN from Siemens have eight large keys for easy operation. The units are preconfigured and ready for mounting and thus save wiring and assembly time compared to conventional bushbutton panels. Typical applications for key panels are applications requiring a deterministic transfer of the operator commands. Our panels offer good tactile feedback of the pushbuttons for optimal ease of use and can be freely configured. In addition, the intensity and color of the LED background illumination is adjustable.

The color (white, green, red, yellow, blue) can be configured for ease of use and the adjustment of the brightness serves to improve readability under adverse lighting conditions, such as extreme brightness. All keys can be individually labelled and adapted to the application via two slide-in strips. The panels are connected to the controller via Profinet. An integrated 2-port PROFINET switch enables the design of a line structure without the need for additional modules.

The KP8 PN and  KP8F PN panels also provide 8 integrated IOs on the rear side for the connection of additional control elements, e.g conventional keys. Compared to individual components this saves time-consuming work for individual mounting and wiring.


The SIMATIC HMI KP8F panel is a variant for safety-related applications. The unit provides two additional failsafe inputs and can achieve the SIL 2 safety standard with single-channel use and SIL 3 with two-channel use. Depending on the safety stage either one or two emergency off switches can be connected. Due to the support of PROFINET Shared Device it is hereby possible to access two controllers simultaneously.

 Use in PRO devices

Both variants are the ideal extension for the SIMATIC HMI PRO units with allround IP65 protection, because they fit into the associated extension units.

Machine control usually also requires fixed-wired elements such as Emergency Stop buttons, pilot lamps or key switches. Extension Units are available for the integration of such control elements; they are mounted on the side of the PRO units. The new SIMATIC HMI Key Panel significantly facilitates the integration of pushbuttons and pilot lamps. The control elements no longer have to be wired individually, but are controlled directly via PROFINET. Each extension unit can take up to two KP8 PN or KP8F PN panels. Up to 5 colored "direct buttons" are thus available. It goes without saying that further elements such as Emergency Stop buttons and key switches can be connected on the rear side of the Key Panel.

The combination of HMI PRO unit and KP8 PN, KP8F PN panel offers the following benefits:

  • No switchboard required
  • Reduced cabling work
  • Optimally matched design

The Key Panels offer maximum flexibility with a small footprint at a very attractive price.

The configuration is with SIMATIC STEP 7 V5.5 or STEP7 V11 (TIA-Portal).














Empty panel

The empty panel is available as an accessory to the SIMATIC HMI Key Panels - with the same Look&Feel. The empty panel has no electronic components and serves only for mounting conventional bushbuttons or Emergency Stop buttons and key switches. The empty panel is perforated on the rear such, so that up to 4 holes for standard 22.5mm control elements can be quarried out without using any cutting tools. The empty panel can be mounted next to a KP8(F) PN without gap.








Overview of the product features

  • 8 large illuminated pushbuttons with good tactile feedback
  • keys can easily be labelled with strips
  • integrated multi-color LEDs for free choice of color for each key (white, green, red, yellow, blue)
  • 8 I/O PINs on the rear side for use as inputs or outputs
  • 2x RJ45 with integrated switch --> no additional costs for connection to a network
  • 24V DC can easily be looped through
  • integrated diagnostic system
  • the F variant enables the connection of a SIL 3 emergency stop button on the rear
  • empty panel for easy mounting of 22.5mm control elements
  • PROFINET Shared Device (KP8F PN)
  • MRP (Medium Redundancy Protocol)
  • compatible with SIMATIC HMI PRO units

         Important information

Engineering Software

KP8 PN and KP8F PN are supported by STEP7 V5.5 and STEP7 V11 (TIA-Portal).

STEP7 V5.5 (w/o SP1)
:  the GSDML file for KP8/KP8F must be imported to the Hardware Catalog in this case. Download at: 50710644

STEP7 V5.5 (with SP1) or higher: no GSDML file is necessary here. In the Hardware Catalog go to HMI > SIMATIC Key Panel > KP8 resp. KP8F.

Current approvals

KP8 PN and KP8F PN currently have CE, C-Tick, Nema 4x and cULus 508 approvals.

Approvals in preparation

ATEX 2/22, FM Class1, Div2, cULus haz. loc. approvals are in preparation.

Order no.'s, variants, accessories

Product Name

Order No.

KP8 PN 6AV3688-3AY36-0AX0
KP8F PN 6AV3688-3AF37-0AX0
Empty panel 6AV3688-3XY38-3AX0
Set of connectors, 12 pole for KP8 PN 6AV6671-3XY38-4AX0
Set of connectors, 16 pole. for KP8F PN 6AV6671-3XY48-4AX0

Further information

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