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Which properties must a SIM card have for setting up teleconnections with TS Adapter and Teleservice?

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If you set up a teleconnection via a GSM wireless modem with TS Adapter and Teleservice, the SIM card in the GSM wireless modem must meet the requirement below:

The SIM card must be enabled for the CSD service by the network operator.

If you access a TS Adapter from a laptop/PC with a mobile phone via GSM, then the "CSD data service" must also be enabled. This means that if the "CSD data service" is enabled, you can use GSM technology to access a system with TS Adapter and GSM wireless modem from your laptop/PC with Teleservice.


  • There are providers who assign an additional number (GSM data number) for each additional service, like CSD data service. Please sort this out with your provider.
  • More information about the requirements to be met by a SIM card for use in SINAUT networks is available in Entry ID: 24073197.

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