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The Enhanced Write Filter (EWF) protects one or more partitions against unwanted write access or changes. The "SIMATIC IPC EWF Manager" software is available for downloading free of charge.

Microsoft provides the "ewfmgr" command line program to operate the SIMATIC IPC EWF Manager. Configuration and status queries are entered exclusively by command line.

The SIMATIC IPC EWF Manager makes configuring significantly easier and more convenient:

  • Via an icon in the system tray of the Windows taskbar you can display and monitor the statuses of selected partitions.
  • The EWF is configured conveniently via a graphical user interface.

Fig. 01

More information about SIMATIC IPC EWF Manager is available in the attached documentation (PDF document).

Hardware requirements
This entry has been created for the SIMATIC IPC EWF Manager and can be run on all SIMATIC IPCs with the Windows Embedded versions listed below.

Software requirements
The SIMATIC IPC EWF Manager was developed for Windows Embedded operating systems.

The following versions of Windows Embedded are supported:

  • Windows XP Embedded Feature Pack 2007
  • Windows XP Embedded UPR1
  • Windows Embedded Standard 2009
  • Windows Embedded Standard 7

 Installation and Operation (533,3 KB)


SIMATIC EWF Manager VersionVersion HistoryDate
 Download unterliegt Exportcontrolle V2.0.0.1 (13,6 MB)  V02.00.00.01.txt (6,4 KB) 06/2016
 Download unterliegt Exportcontrolle V2.0.0.0 (13,6 MB)  V02.00.00.00.txt (6,0 KB) 10/2015 
Table 01: SIMATIC EWF Manager downloads
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