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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 5114813, Entry date: 10/16/2000

Delivery Release: WinCC Option Guardian V2.0

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As of now, the SIMATIC WinCC/Guardian V2.0 is released.

Product Description

The WinCC Guardian V2.0 is offered as a software option package to the visualization system SIMATIC WinCC V5.0. It adds functions for integrating live video images into WinCC screens, for monitoring videos and for storing video sequences in a database. The WinCC Guardian Single User Edition and the Network Edition are each delivered on separate CD-ROMs.

The WinCC Guardian consists of two separately installable packages - a video data management system with built-in monitoring functionality and a Camera Viewer that can be distributed freely without a license. The Camera Viewer is designed for displaying ("streaming") live video data that is supplied by a remote computer. The Guardian's functionality in implemented in ActiveX Controls (Video Output, Query and Browser Controls). They can easily be integrated into SIMATIC WinCC process screens and be linked - in the usual manner - to WinCC process signals. Vice versa, a camera monitoring the progress of processes can trigger alarms and responses in WinCC.

In addition, the Guardian can also integrate live video images from multiple cameras - that are installed either locally or on other computers - in WinCC runtime screens. Of course, stored video sequences from local or remote databases can be played back as well.

The documentation in German and English is included in electronic form (PDF) on the CD-ROM.

The Guardian offers an event-triggered video monitoring with integrated database. Within process screens, video images can be displayed and responses to certain events (e.g. movements, color changes) be triggered. If a defined event occurs, WinCC will be informed about it and thus can generate messages, trigger actions, etc. Additionally, an automatic video recording of the processes before and after the configured event can take place, which will be stored in a database.

This database can be queried from within the WinCC runtime system as well from outside of WinCC using defined criteria (e.g. date, time, key words). The results of the database query are shown in the form of graphic icons that can be played back in an output window via a double-click. This facilitates the diagnosis of error causes and shortens system downtimes. It can also be utilized by the operating personnel as a help system with multimedia capabilities.

The Guardian supports the parallel operation of multiple cameras installed on either the same Guardian station or on different computers linked via a TCP/IP network.

A WinCC station - on which the Guardian Network Edition has been installed - can "stream" the video data of the locally installed cameras to up to 15 other computers via a LAN or the, Intranet/Internet. The technology used ensures an uninterrupted video playback on the target computers, however, idle times in the second range may occur between the video recording on the source computer and the playback on the target computers, which is directly affected by the picture quality (picture size, resolution, refresh rate) and available band width of the transmission medium.

The target computers require either a WinCC or a Web Navigator Client installation and the installation of the license-free Camera Viewer (part of the Guardian Network Edition).

While the local operation of a camera merely requires a Video-for-Windows-compatible video card, the video streaming across computers is currently only supported by two video cards:

Since video as well as audio signals are transmitted during the streaming process, we recommend the Winnov Videum AV card, which already comes with an integrated, on-board sound card.

The installation of the WinCC Guardian requires a license to be purchased for each computer. The Guardian Single User Edition allows the video monitoring functions as well as the display of local and remote video data and the access to local and remote video databases.

Additionally, the Guardian Network Edition allows the simultaneous streaming of the local camera data to up to 15 connected computers. It also includes the license-free Camera Viewer, which allows the display of the streamed video information on the 15 target computers without requiring a local Guardian installation.
For an optimal load distribution, it is recommended to operate the Guardian Network Edition on a client or multi-client, not on a WinCC Server!


Product Name

Order Number

WinCC Option
Guardian Single User Edition V2.0
with electronic Documentation (Ger/Eng), runs on WinCC V5.0 SP1 (NT4.0)


WinCC Option
Guardian Network Edition V2.0
with electronic Documentation (Ger/Eng), runs on WinCC V5.0 SP1 (NT4.0)


WinCC V5.0 SP1 System Software (Language Version Ger, Eng, Fr)
Runtime Package
- WinCC RT 128
- WinCC RT 256
- WinCC RT 1024
- WinCC RT Max.
Complete Package
- WinCC RC 128
- WinCC RC 256
- WinCC RC 1024
- WinCC RC Max.



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