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How do you send WinCC/DataMonitor Reports by e-mail?

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The WinCC DataMonitor provides the option of sending local reports also by e-mail.

General Information
You can create reports with Excel workbooks and also print jobs. The settings for sending e-mails are the same in both cases.

Enter the e-mail address(es) of the recipient(s) in the input field for the respective print job or Excel workbook. If you enter multiple recipients, you must separate them with a semicolon (;).

Fig. 01

In the settings of the DataMonitor you must configure an e-mail account via which the reports can be sent (Fig. 02).
The data required for the e-mail providers is given in the table below.

Fig. 02

If you have an e-mail address registered with another provider, which you wish to use for sending DataMonitor reports, you must make sure that there is an SMTP mail output server available that does not use encryption.
Always also see the guidelines and specifications of the e-mail provider, because these differ from provider to provider. These guidelines can be found on the home page of each provider.

At the moment there is hardly an e-mail provider that permits unencrypted connections. Use a local e-mail server that forwards the e-mails to the required e-mail address.

For a report to be sent by e-mail, it must have been triggered in DataMonitor. Also always check that the report is triggered locally if you have not received the report as e-mail. You will find more information in the manual "WinCC Basic Options V7.5: WebNavigator, DataMonitor, WebUX" , chapter
Making settings for reports.

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