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Universal Diagnostic Block and HMI Template for AS-Interface Safety Monitor

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The Actuator Sensor Interface (AS interface, AS-i) is a networking solution for binary sensors and actuators using a field bus of the lowest automation system layer. To ensure their fail-safe communication SIEMENS offers for any bus system the appropriate safety technology which is PROFIsafe for PROFIBUS/PROFINET and ASIsafe for AS-Interface applications.

An AS-i safety monitor and a safe AS-i slave help configure quickly and easily small safety islands (ASIsafe Solution local) within an AS-i system and assign them safety-relevant functions. Neither fail-safe PLC nor specific AS-i masters are required for such purpose.
Diagnostic of the AS-i safety monitor though, requires professional knowledge in application and functionality.

The purpose of this application is to show the user how the AS-i safety monitor can be diagnosed and visualized very easily with the help of an universal diagnostic block even without having such specialist knowledge.

Together with AS-i Slaves the AS-i safety monitor provides the basis for a small safety island. The safety monitor checks the safe inputs of the safe AS-i slaves and its configurable shutdown logic provides for safe shutdown.

The ASIMON2D AS-Interface block offers a simple way to diagnose and - if required - visualize on an HMI panel - the small safety island.

  • The ASIMON AS-Interface diagnostic block (FB102) provides the statuses of its enable circuits, the operating mode as well as the blocks' statuses of the shutdown logic and stores the diagnostic data in the instance data block.
  • To display the diagnostic data in a WinCC flexible environment, the ASI HMI DB(DB69) can be used.

It supports all current safety monitors of the SIMATIC product range:

  • Advanced safety monitor from V2.x up
  • Basic safety monitor from V2.x up
  • Safety monitor V1.x

Hardware configuration in the example project

WinCC flexible visualization
The diagnostic user interface runs with ASI HMI DB69:


Contents of the downloads


Block description: Universal diagnostic block and HMI template for AS-Interface safety monitor
51339169_ASI_SECMON_DOKU_V20_en.pdf ( 813 KB )
STEP 7 project with integrated WinCC flexible visualization
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