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Entry type: FAQ, Entry ID: 51445298, Entry date: 10/16/2014

3UF7 SIMOCODE pro: Error 13:4664 “The size of SDB12x is larger than 64 KB”

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Why does the saving and compiling of the STEP7 hardware configuration abort with error 13:4664, “The size of SDB12x is larger than 64 KB”, when multiple SIMOCODE pro devices have been configured using the STEP7 Object Manager?




A system data block, SDB12x, is created for each DP master system. All the relevant S7 slave parameters are saved to this block by STEP7. All the parameter data records are always stored in this block for SIMOCODE pro. As the size of the system data block is limited to 64 KB, there is a limit to the maximum number of devices able to be configured as S7 slaves.

Providing no additional slaves have been configured that occupy the SDB resources, the following maximum numbers of configurable SIMOCODE pro devices apply:

71x SIMOCODE pro V
71x SIMOCODE pro S
98x SIMOCODE pro C
To prevent SDB12x from exceeding its maximum data length, integrate an additional DP master into the SIMATIC S7 controller, or configure additional devices using a GSD file.


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