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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 51691829, Entry date: 08/04/2011

Delivery Release for SIMATIC IPC277D

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The new Nanopanel PC SIMATIC IPC277D with performance-optimized latest generation Atom Intel technology is herewith released for delivery.

Delivery release


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Application areas

The SIMATIC IPC277D can be employed for the compact implementation of simple control and visualization tasks, directly on a machine:

  • Simple measurement and control, e.g. with SIMATIC WinAC RTX and RTX-F software PLCs for failsafe applications
  • Simple HMI, e.g. with SIMATIC WinCC RT Advanced

The important highlights:

  • High-performance data processing with low power consumption
    • Intel-Atom technology of the Power-Optimized family (E640)
    • Wake-on-LAN for remote-controlled changeover between standby and active mode
    • Support of Sleep-States/SpeedStep, i.e. dynamic performance adaptation depending on the required computing performance
    • Intel VT-x technology for virtualization
  • High industrial functionality and flexibility for implementing an embedded solution
    • Flexible memory concepts: CompactFlash or Solid-State drive
    • 2 x GBit-Ethernet (Teaming ability); PROFINET with RT functionality (via standard Ethernet)
    • 3 x High-Speed USB 2.0 ports; 1 x RS232
    • Ready-to-run embedded bundles with WinAC RTX 2010 (F) and/or WinCC RT V11 advanced with attractive saving (optional, in preparation)
    • 512 kByte Retentive memory (MRAM), of which 128 kByte is writeable within the backup time (optional, in preparation)
    • Embedded and standard operating systems optional: WES 2009 and Windows XP Prof.; WES 7 and Windows 7, in preparation
    • "Suited for Linux certificate" for simple secured implementation of customer-specific Linux-based solutions, in preparation.
  • High system availability for reduction of potential failures and maintenance costs
    • Maintenance-free - no rotating parts (fan, HDD)
    • Battery-less operation even in the case of retentive memory option (with clock synchronization via network)
    • Extensive self-diagnosis thanks to pre-installed local SIMATIC IPC DiagBase diagnosis software
  • Robust industrially suitable widescreen displays 7" / 9" / 12" with resistive touch (15" / 19" in preparation)
    • Compact Nanopanel PCs with a mounting depth of 66 mm and more and small diagonals from 7“ and more
    • LED Background illumination, dimmable from 0-100%;
      resulting in optimized power consumption and making it suitable for use on ships
    • High resolution, e.g. 800x480 pixels even with a 7" display
    • High color depth, 16 Mio colors for all models
    • High brightness up to 400 CD/m²
    • High reading angle up to 170° (vertical/horizontal)
    • Long life cycle (MTBF of the background illumination up to 80 000 hrs)
    • Front-side degree of protection: IP65
    • Uniform design of HMI fronts (Panel PC, Comfort Panels)
    • Fanless up to 50°C ambient temp.
  • High investment security for reduction of the engineering costs
    • Long-term available: Service & Support time frame of 8 – 10 years from market introduction


The SIMATIC IPC277D features a robust metal housing - vibration and shock resistant, with good EM compatibility.

Basic configuration:

  • Intel Atom microprocessor E640 (1.0 GHz), 1 GB RAM
  • 2 x 10/100/1000 Mbit/s Ethernet, RJ45
  • 3 x USB V2.0 (high current)
  • 1 x COM (RS232)
  • CompactFlash slot
  • 24 V DC industrial power supply
  • Fieldbus: PROFINET RT via Standard Ethernet

Configuarable variants:

  • Fronts:
    • 7" wide, resolution 800 x 480 pixels
    • 9" wide, resolution 800 x 480 pixels
    • 12" wide, resolution 1280 x 800 pixels
  • Retentivity:
    • w/o
    • 512 kByte, of which 128 kByte can be used by WinAC
  • Drives:
    • w/o
    • CompactFlash drive 2 GB / 4 GB / 8 GB (accessible)
    • Solid State drive (SSD) SATA 50 GB, in Single Level Cell architecture (SLC)
  • Operating systems:
    • w/o
    • Windows-Embedded Standard 2009 pre-installed (together with CF from 2 GB/SSD up)
    • Windows XP-Prof. MUI, pre-installed on SSD

Additional options / in preparation:

  • Fronts:
    • 15" Widescreen with front-side USB port
    • 19" Widescreen with front-side USB port
  • Screen alignment:
    • vertical operation ("Portrait")
  • CPU/RAM:
    • 1.3 GHz / 2 GB RAM variant (with / w/o retentivity)
  • Operating systems:
    • Windows-Embedded Standard 7, pre-installed (CF from 4 GB up or SSD)
    • Windows 7 MUI (32 bit), pre-installed on SSD
  • Software configurations (Bundles):
    The software packages WinAC RTX 2010/F and WinCC V11 RT Advanced have not been released yet and will follow together with the bundle release.
    Software bundles will only be available together with CF with 4 GB and more, or with SSD; only with embedded operating system; WinAC requires retentivity.
    Planned bundle packages:
    • RTX: WinAC RTX 2010
    • RTX-F: WinAC RTX F 2010
    • HMI: WinCC RT Advanced
    • HMI/RTX: WinAC RTX 2010 /  WinCC RT Advanced
  • Approvals:
    • Shipbuilding approvals
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