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Sales and delivery release for SINAMICS S120 Booksize new Smart Line Module

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Sales and delivery release for SINAMICS S120 Booksize new Smart Line Module.

The portfolio of the SINAMICS S120 Booksize Smart Line Modules has been extended as follows:

6SL3130-6TE25-5AA3:              55kW, INTERNAL AIR COOLING
6SL3131-6TE25-5AA3:              55kW, EXTERNAL AIR COOLING
6SL3131-6TE21-6AA3:              16kW, EXTERNAL AIR COOLING
6SL3131-6TE23-6AA3:              36kW, EXTERNAL AIR COOLING

6SL3000-0CE25-5AA0:              Reactor for 55kW Smart Line Module:

The technical documentation is included in:
SINAMICS S120 Equipment Manual, Booksize Power Sections.
See http://support.automation.siemens.com/WW/view/de/49086091.


·  Chapter 2.8 Line reactors, Page 93, Table 2-16:
The item number of the 55kW
Smart Line Module reactor is incomplete.
Complete item number:

·  Chapter Dimension sheets, Page 108:
The overall reactor height is 280mm, not 275mm

·  Chapter Technical data, Page 109:
The item number of the reactor is incorrect. Correct item number:


The new 16kW and 36kW Smart Line Modules in external air cooling can be used with older firmware versions, like the internal air cooling 16kW and 36kW modules.

The 55kW Smart Line Modules require at least SINAMICS S120 V4.4HF2.
The version designation on the Compact Flash Card is SINAMICS S120 V04.04.00.02. The internal firmware version number is SINAMICS S120 V04.40.23.10. See: /cs/document/48587061?caller=view&lc=de-WW