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Entry type: FAQ, Entry ID: 51944745, Entry date: 11/24/2011

How do you link the AS-i Slaves to an S7-300 CPU with integrated PROFINET interface using the IE/AS-i Link?

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This entry provides sample programs and documentation for linking IE/AS-i slaves to an S7-300 CPU with integrated PROFINET interface using an IE/AS-i Link.

The sample program consists of a STEP 7 project that contains the configuration of the SIMATIC S7 station and the IE/AS-i Link.

IE_AS-i_Link.zip ( 624 KB )

The document below contains the following:

  • An overview of the sample program and plant configuration used to create the sample program.
  • Information about installing and commissioning the sample program.
  • Information about how to use the sample programs.
  • Other notes, tips and tricks, etc.

DP_configuration_IE_AS-i_Link_en.pdf ( 344 KB )

Further Information
More information about linking AS-i slaves to a SIMATIC S7 using the IE/AS-i Link is available in the Entry IDs below:

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