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Updates for STEP 7 V11 SP1 and WinCC V11 SP1

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These updates are applicable to the following products:

  • STEP 7 Basic/Professional V11.0 SP1
  • WinCC Basic/Comfort/Advanced/Professional V11.0 SP1

Improvements compared to earlier version:

Update 2:

  • STEP 7: Usage of tags (DTL) with HMI
  • STEP 7: Detail-comparison of blocks
  • WinCC: Time-synchronization of Basic panels with S7-1200 Controller
  • contains Update 1
Update 1:
  • STEP 7 Professional: The STEP 7 Professional 2006 and 2010 projects can now be migrated
  • STEP 7 Professional: System Diagnostic Blocks are now always generated if system diagnostic is active
Free downoad:

This free download comprises the update for STEP 7 Basic/Professional V11 SP1, WinCC Basic/Comfort/Advanced/Professional V11.0 SP1 and can only be installed, if at least one of these products is already installed. 

Update 2 for STEP 7 V11 SP1 and WinCC V11 SP1 (09/2011): 

  SIMATIC_TIAP_V11_0_SP1_UPD2.exe ( 97004 KB )  

Update 1 (included in Update 2) for STEP 7 Professional V11 SP1 (08/2011): 

TIAP_V11_0_SP1_UPD1.exe ( 98937 KB )  

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