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Buffering a SIMATIC IPC in the event of power failure with DC-UPS SITOP UPS500S

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Requirement for plant operation is the reliable power supply of the automation technology. Even in the case of critical network conditions, unsafe plant conditions shall not occur. In the event of an error, an active response is desired.

An industrial PC with software controller and visualization shall be used for the automation. If there is an interruption of the power supply network, safe closing of the software controller, of WinCC flexible and a shutdown of the industrial PC shall be ensured.

An uninterrupted power supply through batteries or condensers can only be maintained for a limited period of time in the event of a power failure.

The Siemens SITOP UPS500S provides diagnostic messages to your process with which you can control your process and where you can perform a controlled shutdown in the event of a prolonged power failure. In our application example we have created a batch file for you, with the help of which you can shut down an industrial PC in a controlled way.

Core of this application is the data exchange between the SITOP UPS500S and WinCC flexible runtime. The WinCC flexible Runtime is running on a SIMATIC IPC427C. If the UPS reaches a critical state in the event of a power failure, a batch file terminates various applications and the operating system on the industrial PC through a batch file.


The included program example contains:

  • Instruction to create the batch file, so that various applications and the operating system can be shut down in the event of a critical condition of the SITOP UPS500S.
  • A STEP 7 program which shows a data exchange between WinAC RTX and WinCC flexible RT.
  • A WinCC flexible application to visualize the diagnostic and status data of the SITOP UPS500S and WinAC RTX

Documentation and Project
  Documentation (2,7 MB)
 Registrierung notwendig  STEP 7 / WinCC flexible project / Batch file (5,9 MB) 

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